Say what???

Kaitlin Bennett encountered a liberal protester who claims “Don’t Tread on Me” is a Russian slogan promoted by American “traitors.”

This interview highlights the insanity and unwillingness to engage in dialogue that plagues the left.

-Photo and link from WiscoDave

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5 Responses to Say what???

  1. Nemo says:

    So, according to Kaitlin, we kicked the Russians out in ’76, not the Brits?

  2. Scarecrow says:

    If it had been a Russian notion, the Bolsheviks would have lost.

  3. rocketride says:

    That’s one problem with not teaching actual history and/or teaching fake history. Your own minions look like even more complete tools than their just spouting the rest of the communist line would have done.

    Also, rattlesnakes (pit vipers having tail-rattles) are unique to the western hemisphere, so how would the Gadsden flag and its sentiment have originated in Russia?

  4. Stretch says:

    We HAVE to get rid of helmet and seat-belt laws. The Stupid are surviving to breed a high order of idiot. And warning labels … get rid of them too!

  5. M. Sage says:

    A Russian slogan… by a nationalist traitor.

    Nationalist traitor??

Play nice.