Set your thermostat to 82 degrees at night, my ass

Fresh from the same Dept. of Energy and EPA that gave us: toilets that don’t flush; light bulbs that don’t light; dishwashers that don’t wash; plant-based fuel that burns like carrots; and paper straws that dissolve in liquid…. Now we get this:

[…] Energy Star, the federal program from the DOE and the Environmental Protection Agency, said the coolest you should keep your home is 78 degrees when you’re home.

When you’re at work or away, the program recommends setting it at 85 degrees. When you’re sleeping, Energy Star said to set the thermostat at 82 degrees.

Setting the thermostat at 82° at night is well recognized grounds for divorce. I swear these administrative state progressives are going to have us force-fed sustainable algae cakes if this keeps up.


No way could I do that. I’d be waking up in the morning wondering if I’d sweated that puddle out or pissed the bed.

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22 Responses to Set your thermostat to 82 degrees at night, my ass

  1. James Miller says:

    And if you’ve got a ‘connected’ thermostat…they’ll do it for you. You DID click on that EULA when you ‘connected’ it, right?

  2. arc says:

    Camp Wilson, 29 palms. Go to bed in sweat, wake up in sweat. literally a puddle on the cot.

    Used to try playing the whole, maybe I can handle 70, 72, just to lower the energy bill a little bit. Well, NOPE! I can feel the heat radiating through the walls, so 62 it stays.

  3. Scarecrow says:

    You do know that they are trying to fuck up what remains of our upper low class lives, of course. Middle class is still clueless.

  4. Chris Mallory says:

    The funny thing is until AC came into widespread use, Washington DC was considered a hardship post due the heat and humidity.

    The central air stays at 70 in the summer. The room I sleep in has both a fan and a window unit set at 66.
    I will play their game in the winter. Usually keep the thermostat at 62. The wife and kid can put on their sweats if they are cold. But I usually run the fan all winter too.

  5. Peter B says:

    Too many businesses moving south. Gotta try to make it more unpleasant to live there.

    On the other hand, I’d favor a regulation mandating that Congress and regulatory agencies like, say, the EPA and DOE raise their thermostats to 78.

    • Jeremy says:

      Once they come up wit ha rule, make them live with it for ten years before it becomes public. If, at one year in they change their minds, too bad, ten year test run and guess who’s the dummy.

  6. crazyeighter says:

    Remember when they said “55” was as fast as we could drive?

    • arc says:

      You can get away with 85 regular traffic, and 90+ if you want to speed on the interstates in Texas. The H3 in Hawaii only has cops out on the weekends and no cars for the most part, so you can zoom 130MPH down that piece of topical ass and turn a 1.5 hour drive into a 30 minute inconvenience.

  7. rob says:

    Lived in San Antonio and Austin in the ’60s, then Chicago for a few years and the last 45 years in the SF Bay Area. I ain’t had air conditioning but once, because poor. I didn’t like it much. Sleeping in hotels gives me migraines.

  8. Try as I may, I can’t find the damn thermostat down here.

  9. TheOtherSean says:

    Apparently, this report dates back to 2009, and why attention suddenly got focused on it is not entirely clear. The official statement yesterday stated “It is the position of DOE that Americans should set their thermostats to whatever temperature they choose. The 2009 EPA Energy Star report should simply be used as a resource for people seeking to achieve greater energy savings in their homes, should they choose to do so.”

  10. trib says:

    I can’t do no 82 by Sammy Haggar.

  11. censusdesignatedplace says:

    I piss my wife off enough as it is…

  12. Old Gray Wolf says:

    Have been set at 67 here, may have to drop it some, just because. Wake up warm at 67 sometimes anyway. In the winter, we heat with a radiant heater, and close the bedroom door and open the window at night. Nothing like goose down comforters and homemade quilts, toasty warm, while breathing that marvelous winter night air. My Germanic blood adores winter. Could skip summer altogether.

    • Lineman says:

      Same here Brother would much rather live in a cooler environment than a warm one…

  13. pigpen51 says:

    We live in a mobile home, that has 6 inch walls with good insulation, and more in the floors and ceiling and roof. So it is well insulated. And just this past spring I put in a brand new furnace and air conditioning to the tune of 7,000$, which the power and gas company gave us a rebate on for 3,000$, so it cost us 4,000$. And now our air and heat will drive us out if we put them where we used to keep them.
    Central air, we set between 73-75, depending on what my wife wants. And in winter we keep it at about 70-72, again depending on what my wife wants. I learned early on not to argue with her about temperature settings with the thermostat.
    Our new furnace and air conditioner are both modern types, fuel efficient, and we save money no matter how she sets the thing, so it will pay for itself within about 8-10 years.
    I also bought a 4000 watt generator and am trying to find an electrician to hook it up. I could do it, but not safely, and not with a license or insurance. And the trailer park we live in is not the old run down type, but we live in a new part, with the manager wanting it done by someone with license and insurance. I don’t blame her, and I also want it done right, so I don’t hurt someone on the other end, working on the power line.
    But for any young guys out there, do not, I repeat do not even bother to argue with your wife about the furnace or air conditioner, unless she is being totally crazy about it. It is easier to put a sweater on in July, than to sleep on the couch or in your car, after the divorce.

  14. Bad_Brad says:

    We are at the mercy of PG&E’s random rate hikes through out the day. The older I get the worse I put up with the heat. Fortunately we have a pool. I sweat all day at my shop, head for an air conditioned gym. Sweat there for an hour, get home and strip neked headed for the pool. My children and their girl friends have learned to stay clear around 6;00 PM. We have some new neighbors that are slow learners.

  15. nines says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m beginning to believe I actually died in that horrific wreck on the freeway back in 1983 I only thought I’d missed by a fraction of an inch….

  16. anonymous says:

    We keep our thermostat set at 78 year round, but have ceiling fans so that helps quite a bit. Too, being in our mid 50’s (not our kids), we notice we are more thin blooded and feel the cold more than when we were younger. Probably going to be one of those crazy old farts, driving in summer with no a/c, windows up and such . . .

  17. singlestack says:

    I grew up in SW Georgia without air conditioning. We lived in a house with 12 foot ceilings and 8 foot double hung windows. In the summer the windows were centered to provide an opening at the top for hot air to escape and an opening at the bottom for cooler air to come in. We slept with oscillating fans in every bedroom. It would actually be cool enough in the early morning that you would need to pull a cover over you.

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