Sunday Video 8

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20 Responses to Sunday Video 8

  1. Terry says:

    All that rust.

  2. warhorse says:

    hell of a lot of brown in there. I think we’re looking at a blown headgasket….

    • Mechanic dude says:

      Every time you see that rusty looking coolant, its a blown head gasket.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Which explains why it was overheating.

      • PoppaGary says:

        Used to be, yes, but not anymore. My 2003 Monte Carlo requires a newer type of coolant GM Dexcool and it is orange-brown (aka rust color) fresh out of the jug!
        And I did have that happen to me when I was a young man, despite a fairly good mechanical upbringing….not sure if didn’t seem that hot or what, but I got a nice 3rd degree burn on the arm that was resting on top of the hood.
        And now that I took a quick read on Dexcool, see that it is the basis of a high number of complaints which include some of the current issues with my car! Thanks modern engineers and GM!

        • Elmo says:

          Ford’s got a similar thing. ‘MotorCraft Orange Concentrated Coolant Antifreeze’.
          Life’s not getting any less complicated, is it?

  3. Phuqdat Phuqdem says:

    DUDE! # HEY YOU%%%DON’T DO IT!!!
    Awww crap

  4. tweell says:

    I would have let it cool down by itself, but…

    Chocolate milkshake geyser = SOL.

  5. Sarthurk says:

    Dumbass! One of the first things I was told when working at a service station, was, don’t fuk with that!

  6. Beaches says:

    I knew a guy in the military who tried that about six months into his enlistment. 3rddegree burns. Spent a large portion of his military career in the hospital.

  7. Cavguy says:

    I’m sure there’s a village somewhere missing their idiots.

    Clearly it is printed, do not open when hot.

    Bet he lost some skin on that prank.

    Future Darwin Award winners

  8. Kapt Kaos says:

    I don’t know if I’d be kicking someones ass for laughing at me hurting myself before or after I got out of the emergency room. I had a 400 small block Chevy get me one time when I was a kid and it scalded my shoulder and head into a couple giant blister bags. That guy in the video took it just as hard too.

    • Kapt Kaos says:

      What got me was it had a radiator cap on it with a pressure release lever. So I figured what could possibly go wrong? Welp, the last guy who had the cap off of it didn’t have the cap screwed on the filler neck but maybe a 1/4 inch. as soon as I flipped the lever up the whole cap shot up through the rag and bounced off of my forehead followed by a geyser of piping hot antifreeze. I never thought to make sure the cap was on all the way or to squeeze the top hose going to the engine to see if it was under pressure. I learned though.

  9. Paul B says:

    Assuming it would still run if the motor is running it wont do that. But it does need to be running. Otherwise you get a baby old faithful.

  10. bright eyes says:

    Raised by Mom?

  11. Whynot says:

    Failed high school physics….

  12. bright eyes says:

    raised right by mom?

  13. chillhill says:

    Can’t fix stupid.

  14. Spin Drift says:

    Bigger issue is that the engine in the M3 is toast. Dollars to donuts the head is shot as the cam bearings are the cast surface of the head and overheating the head like this does a warp job on the alignment and ruins the cam bearings. Only solution is a new head, which most likely cost more than the car is worth. Idiots.


  15. Aesop says:

    I get this fuckwit and his cousins in the ER about once a month.

    Doofus: “Muh car wuz overheatin’, so I let all that bad steam out an’ it blew up in muh face!!!

    Me: “ D’ya know what the difference is between your eyes and your engine block?

    Doofus: “Uuuuuuh, no. Wut?

    Me: “You can’t get new eyes at the parts desk at the auto store; and your engine doesn’t scream like a little girl when you blast 400 engine coolant into it.

    Doofus; “Oh, ok. Wutz yer point…?

    Last month’s doofus was lucky, he only got third degree burns on his hands, but it was his motorcycle, and he still had his full-face helmet on to save his eyes.

    So instead of Stevie Wonder, his new nickname is Flipper.
    Then can probably eventually separate his fingers again once the burns heal and the scars form.

    Remember wondering what happened to the kids in kindergarten that ate the paste and ran with scissors?
    Now you know what happened to them.

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