Thanks for the grin

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12 Responses to Thanks for the grin

  1. woodsterman says:

    That’s not a display of speed, that’s a display of stupid.

  2. Old Grump says:

    Canoe heads: what more do you need to say.

  3. Scruff says:

    yea, there’s more to it than dumping the clutch and mashing the throttle.

    • Rayvet says:

      Do they even make standard shift vettes? Last time I test drove one (about 5 years ago) local dealer said they didn’t have any.

      • 1980XLS says:

        Neither of those cars are Corvettes.
        BTW; Model year 2020 will be the first time no manual transmission will be offered, with the intro of the new mid engine Corvette.

  4. Nemo says:

    That’s gonna leave a couple of marks and fines and possible jail time.

  5. Moe Howard says:

    I think they will be able to buff it out.

  6. brighteyes says:

    Da pony wants ta go but yer holding the throttle. Course ya better know what ta fuck yer doing if ya punch it.

  7. tallow pot says:

    B.C. We used to call them blue plate specials or cheeseheads (cheesers for short) south of the 49th. Alaskans called them mushheads.

  8. Glen Davidson says:

    Not sure at all that this was an accident. That is, I don’t see the back end of the Viper(?) swing out to the right. Instead, it looks to me like he steered left into the rear quarter panel of the other car, kinda like the PIT maneuver they teach cops. (Maybe he didn’t like the fact that the other car was pulling away.)

  9. snuffy says:

    Vipers are know for that type of shit. Break the rear loose so easy.

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