Alaska University Says WTC 7 Didn’t Fall Due To Fire

A ground-breaking study conducted by the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) has shown that fires did not cause building 7 of the World Trade Center (WTC) to fall during the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, disputing the official story.

Researchers have produced a draft report of an in depth four-year study into what brought down WTC 7 and discovered that the conclusions found by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) could not have possibly taken place.

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34 Responses to Alaska University Says WTC 7 Didn’t Fall Due To Fire

  1. Highlander (no More..) says:

    From a group that doesn’t know what bathroom to use…

  2. SgtBob says:

    The researchers are also looking at coded telegrams and other messages proving President Roosevelt knew about the Imperial Japanese Fleet’s departure as well as its route across the North Pacific. Reportedly, another team has information linking Roosevelt and Gen. George C. Marshal to a plan to assassinate Gen. Douglas MacArthur, using William J. Donovan’s worldwide contacts. Video at 10.

    • John h says:

      U mean film at 11. No such thing as video back then. Lol.
      I read the article on that story and there’s pretty substantial evidence that it was done by controlled demolition. The only thing they didnt provide was copies of the direct deposit slips to CDI. (Controlled Demolition Inc.). If? They were the contractor? There are 6 or more qualified contractors that are capable. Just sayin….
      John h.

  3. Kid says:

    Explosion at WTC 1 and 2 caused by molten aluminum coming in contact with water.

    “Mixing water or other contaminants with molten aluminum can cause explosions”

    Internet searches on this will provide the detail.

    Each one of the planes that impacted the towers had 30 tons of aluminum which melted, ran down to lower floor(s) where sprinklers were still operative and Boom. So, yea there were explosions, just not from firefighters hauling dynamite into the buildings……

    • Kapt Kaos says:

      Melted down 70 plus floors? Sprinklers? 30 tons of anything won’t flow that far. That’s one dump truck and trailer load of material. It doesn’t amount for shit when you figure you’re going to spread it 1000 feet. I ain’t calling you a liar but I’m just saying that I know better.

      • Kid says:

        It only had to go down 1 or 2 floors and there was enough damage from the plane impact to allow that to happen right at the area the top section of the buildings started their pile driver action. There wasa video on it made by some research engineers that made a good case for it.

  4. Uchuck the Tuchuck says:

    And for an encore, they will prove Little Bighorn was an inside job.

  5. censusdesignatedplace says:

    Any decent welder who has made his bones the hard way would disagree.

    • John h says:

      Amen thank you. Having used cutting and thermite welding practices to a very limited degree i doubt the aluminum theory although plausible. We’ll know who killed Kennedy first and whats at area 51. Lol.
      John h

      • John h says:

        Not to mention there was no aluminum in bldg 7!
        John h

        • Carolina Gal says:

          Anyone who has ever seen a controlled demolition, such as a hotel being brought down, saw clearly and immediately that this was not caused by jet fuel burning. If jet fuel could bring down a building, then how could jets and race cars possibly run without melting? I witnessed several hotels brought down in controlled demolition in Las Vegas and Hawaii, and Building 7 was a deliberate demo. Larry Silverstein, the owner of all of the World Trade Center buildings, discussed his decision to “pull it,” or bring it down – that’s no more theory than the Push Options on United and American Airlines on the day of the attack.

          • WestcoastDeplorable says:

            I agree and it takes weeks to wire a building for demolition. Why would anyone place high explosives in an occupied building. Unless the plan was to ultimately bring it down.

          • warhorse says:

            “If jet fuel could bring down a building, then how could jets and race cars possibly run without melting?”

            nickel steel or titanium steel and structural steel.are not the same. I’ve done shipboard and aviation fire schools. boiling puddles of jet fuel burn far hotter than vaporized fuel injected into an engine, and can easily structurally weaken steel. remember, something doesn’t have to melt to have most of it’s structural strength gone.

            the WTC was a “tab-in-tube” structure. it was NOT constructed like typical high-rise buildings like the empire state building. the structural elements were the outside walls. each floor was “tabbed in” to the outside walls to hold it in place. each tab was only designed to be strong enough to hold the floor it carried. when you eliminate the structural strength of those tabs with boiling and burning jet fuel…each floor collapses on the one below it. as each floor adds it’s weight to the one below, that one fails..then the next one fails..and then the next..and so on.

  6. Muzzle Blast says:

    Yeah, statically indeterminate(*) structures don’t fail like that…only statically determinate ones do.

    *That is the difference between a three leg table and a four leg table. Remove one leg from each and study what happens.

  7. DaveP says:

    So they have beam ends that were cut by explosives? Evidence of holes punched into interior walls so explosives could be installed? Eyewitness or camera evidence of demo men bringing in the literally boxes and boxes of detcord and cutting charges it would take to do a proper job on a building that size? This would’ve been a job involving dozens of people; in the almost-a-whole-generation since, none of them talked? If they were put aside, none of them were missed?
    In the face of the most hostile press ever seen to that date (we’ve surpassed it since 2016) nobody at the Times or CNN ever put two and two together? Even after the Party of Hate-Bush took over not just the White House, but the DOJ, ATF, FBI, CIA, and both houses of Congress? Hey, maybe Obama was in on it too!
    This sort of thing irritates me. The Army FM’s for demolitions are available. YouTube has actual videos of professional demo men setting up building demolitions, showing how complex and time consuming a project it is. Modern buildings have a lot of internal redundancy and it takes a lot of cutting to make one fall. That means plenty of (for example) C4 and lots and lots of wire and detcord to string it together with; and it’s not a job you can rush. This isn’t something you do with a handful of guys disguised as cleaning ladies, between 1800 and 2300 on September 10th while dodging the security guards and with a half hour break for lunch.
    But Hollywood and the little glass box tell us that all it takes to level a big building is a bomb the size of a briefcase. So, even after all these years, people still Want To Believe. Reality is just too simple.

    PS- Yes, Roosevelt the Lesser wanted a causus belli with Japan. However, I’d love to see someone bet me that the war plan he adopted started with the words, “First we let the Japs sink all of our heavy surface combatants and wreck our most important Pacific naval base…” .

    • SgtBob says:

      DaveP: Yes. Always consider the logistics involved in any conspiracy theory. Tons of explosives; detonators, radio controlled or electric; the man months, not man-hours; people with expertise, and etc. Like the TV show Designated Survivor, the Capitol blown to pieces by land mines. Months of work, unsuspicious workers drilling into walls, security not checking work orders. Hundreds of people who kept the secret. No.

  8. Bad_Brad says:

    I always thought truthers were a bunch of freaken idiots. Until recently. Jet fuel doesn’t burn up ten floors. Ah, who knows?

  9. DaveP says:

    Like Colombo would say, one last question: WHY.
    You’re already set up to crash two jumbo jets into the Towers, even if they didn’t fall that’s a four digit death count. You’re already set to ram the Pentagon and either the White House or the J. Edgar building or wherever Flight 93 would have ended up. Did someone think, “Well, the public might let all of that pass by… but if we dynamite that stubby little building across the street from the Towers, and do it late enough to minimize casualties… boy howdy, that’ll REALLY set them off!”
    Why run a complex, hazardous, and exposure prone operation to attack a totally peripheral target?

    There’s enough deep stupidity associated with September 11th that we don’t need fever stories on top of them.

    • Annie says:

      Look into what was in Building 7 before it collapsed that was never found. Including evidence for several “interesting” court cases and other investigations and a vault full of gold. Then try to tell me it was a “peripheral target” with a straight face.

  10. Kegeshook says:

    That study was funded by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The authors of the study gave A&E for 9/11 Truth what they wanted. And who can blame them? $316,153 is a lot of dough.

    “Once the study is completed, Dr. Hulsey will submit his findings to major peer-reviewed engineering journals.”

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a major peer-reviewed engineering journal to publish his study.

  11. just sayin says:

    wow tunnel vision, desperate to believe the government are not so evil as to kill thousands to start a war, y’all BELIVE that Iraq really DID have WMD’s too but the smuggled them out of the country?
    A simple serious question. how did the BBC reporter know over 30 minutes in advance that building 7 (a CIA HQ) had “fallen down”. Desperate to believe that you will ignore any and all evidence to the contrary.
    2 aircraft and 3 buildings, that all fell the same way.. there was no molton aluminium in building 7 that you are desperate to believe was the cause of building 1 and 2 to fall, explain building 7? Paper fires?! furniture fires? then why didn’t the Grenfell Tower in the UK pancake like building 7 did?!!
    The trouble is, when you DO start to see the truth and that your government really IS that evil, THEN WHAT?! $21,000,000,000,000 buys a LOT of silence
    ever seen the superimposed aircraft on the picture of the pentagram where it was “supposed” to have gone in? The engines are 3 feet underground on the final 300 odd yards, yet the lawns are IMMACULATE in immediate post destruction photos, and it hit the exact spot that held the computers that could have told y’all where that $21,000,000,000,000 that is now “missing” WAS!! man what a coincidence!!
    and all that gold and silver that VANISHED. and not one indestructable black box was ever found, even though they sifted and found SLITHERS of bone to identify victims, the VALUABLE stuff just vanished!
    and Adolf didn’t burn down the Reichtag either did he, that was also “just a coincidence” as no government would burn it’s own parliament down, would they.
    /Sarcasm alert.

  12. warhorse says:

    For the undying 9/11 MORONIC JET FUEL ARGUMENT

  13. Joe Blow says:

    For me, it was the passport. That was the final nail in the coffin for me.
    Smouldering pile of smoking rubble that used to be the worlds tallest building. There stands an FBI guy holding a little paper book, saying we found the dickwads passport, we know who did this.
    Molten aluminium (explosions!). Jet fuel Sooooo hot it vaporized steel!! Massive 3-week long fire! People’s bodies so badly hurt we couldn’t even find bits of their teeth!
    … ah-hah, see this little paper book here the guy had in his back pocket? Oh, we found that. Yeah, the whole building is still a 15 story pile of burning debris, but when we were searching for bits of bone and teeth from the victims, we conveniently found some very important papers that look hardly scathed, despite the fact they allegedly belonged to the very person sitting 10 feet behind the nose of the airplane that did this! What luck, eh?!

    You gotta be a special kind of stupid to fall for this shit. Just saying.

  14. Rayvet says:

    Well, it’s that time of the year again. Time for the conspiracists to come out in droves. Of course, there were controlled explosions of all/some of the building with absolutely no evidence of explosive residues found anywhere. Good God the tin foil hat brigade sometimes makes it embarrassing to be part of the human race.

  15. TEA says:

    Lucky Larry Silverstein turned his $10M WTC lease investment into a $5B insurance payoff in a matter of months, but Chertoff gave the rubber stamp of approval that there was nothing shady going on. Amazingly Lucky Larry and his kids who had offices in the towers all had miraculous coincidences that kept them away from the towers that morning.

    Odigo employees got an early warning to get out of the buildings.

    Al Franken, who had an office there, published in his book that he got the call from former mayor Ed Koch to stay away from the towers that day. Odd that a big celebrity and a former mayor each knew something was going to happen, but strangely neither went to any authority to let them know something was going to happen.

    The “Dancing Israelis” which included IDF and several Mossad agents were released and fled back to Israel without charges despite getting caught not only celebrating while documenting the towers destruction but also found with damming evidence including traces of explosives. The owner of the phony moving company they were working for also fled back to Israel.

    Dick Cheney also gave repeated stand down orders to not intercept whatever it was that hit the Pentagon.

    There’s a hell of a lot more if you really want to get into it, but don’t dare connect any dots or notice any patterns.

  16. Frankie says:

    I lost a relative at Cantor-Fitzgerald,while the Big Boss “just happened ” to NOT make it to work on that day!!

  17. FaCubeItches says:

    It’s just like that supposed “attack” that took place at Pearl Harbor back in 1941. I mean, the USS Oglala “sank” despiite never being hit by either an “aerial bomb” or an “aerial torpedo”. What are they hiding?????


    • warhorse says:

      USS Ogala was a minelayer. not exactly armored. a torpedo exploded between her and the USS Helena…a brooklyn class light cruiser. of course the unarmored Ogala would take the worst of that.

      5 minutes later a bomb exploded in the water, again between the Ogala and the Helena. once again, the armored Helena took little damage but the Ogala was already taking on water.

      are you saying you have to be hit, directly, by an explosive for it to damage you? all this time I figured I just had to come close with those hand grenades…now you tell me I have to hit them square in the forehead or it doesn’t count? damn it! I’ve been doing this all wrong all these years!

  18. Eric says:

    Man. some of you are using that HIGH QUALITY tin foil for your hats today. Bless your hearts.

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