Blaming the gun…

Houston police chief Art Acevedo pushed gun control after one of his officers got into a physical struggle with a criminal and was shot with his own gun.
The Associated Press reports the 29-year-old officer, a five-year veteran of the force, was shot in the abdomen “just below the vest.” The officer was shot after chasing a suspect into a backyard, where “a struggle ensued” that ended with the suspect taking the officer’s gun and shooting him with it.

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25 Responses to Blaming the gun…

  1. Aesop says:

    If the idiot mayor of Houston wants to take those dangerous guns away from the police, I wish him every good thought.

    No points for guessing how the next year’s stats on murder and bank robbery will go if all the police are allowed to use is a ticket book and harsh language, but they should try that, just to prove the point.

    The bright spot is that afterwards, no cop there will ever be shot with his own gun again.
    The number shot with other people’s guns, however, will skyrocket at first; then it will level off as everyone sane quits the force, and there aren’t any more cops to shoot.

    If crime goes down anyways because of armed citizens though, it could be a stellar data point for eliminating police outright, or at least armed ones.

    Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants?

  2. Aesop says:

    Sorry, meant “idiot police chief”…

    • Andy says:

      You had it right both ways. Sylvester Turner is as big an idiot good ol’ Arty. Maybe things will change for the better when Tony Busbee is elected.

  3. Bert says:

    If the story is correct as reported then perhaps the Chief is an imbecile. I am beginning to think that police chiefs and country sheriffs who unconditionally support sanctuary cities and counties are too lazy to do the jobs that law enforcement once willingly did. Seems like it is much easier for them to punt, swing by the donut shop, and lay low.

    • Flight Erdoc says:

      They are political assholes…the only thing they care about is getting re-elected…

  4. Gordon says:

    The first guns he needs to get under control are those of his officers. Seems one of them failed weapons retention class.

    • nonncom says:

      Amen…..I thought good gun control for police started with making sure you have the weapon and not the perp you are trying to arrest….a “teaching moment”

  5. Bill says:

    Anytime a cop is disarmed by a criminal, it’s the cop’s fault. And I fail at o see how gun control would have prevented this scenario.

    • Flight Erdoc says:

      The only way gun control would have made a difference is by taking the guns away from the cops…

  6. Martin says:

    I’m dumber for reading that

    • Elmo says:

      Reading anything about Art Acevedo seems to have that effect on normally intelligent people. Kind of like it was reading anything about former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, especially when he was talking about his ‘outstanding leadership’.

  7. Frank says:

    To bad the cop had a gun if he didn’t have one then he would not have been shot.

  8. Kafiroon says:

    Shot with his own gun so we need more gun control of everyone else. ?
    Somehow I do not think gun control means what he thinks.
    If His officer had gun control he would not have been shot by someone else.
    I’m getting so confused.

  9. FaCubeItches says:

    So, in order to prevent these types of shootings he’s going to bar cops from carrying guns – which would have been the only way to avoid it? Because I’m pretty sure theft and battery/attempted murder are already illegal.

  10. trib says:

    cop should have had a fingerprint gun. sanctuary city Houston run by snowflake mayor and POC needs to go to hell.

  11. Jack says:

    Houston police chief Art Acevedo
    Wow this guy really is a fucking idiot.
    He has proven himself a brain dead empty skin sack numerous times by opening his hole.

    A simple question…
    How does a True Idiot, become a Police Chief of a Major Metro Police Force?

    • crazyeighter says:

      He’s appointed, not elected like a Sheriff.

    • Rl says:

      The main difference between sheriffs and police chiefs is that the sheriff’s are elected in rural areas, while police chiefs are usually appointed by City mayors. This means that since cities tends to vote Dem, police chiefs have to be liberal to be appointed, and toe the party line, regardless of how idiotic they look, or how badly their policies hurt their own police force. Of course, they could always quit, but I have yet to see a Dem quit because of hypocrisy or a sudden outbreak of scruples.

    • Heathen says:

      Same way as in most of the larger cities in the USA…political connections.
      Police Chiefs usually are appointed.

  12. BillDave says:

    They murdered innocent people and tried to cover it up. Art Acevedo is a huge lump of shit. Fucked Austin up over rape claims and now forced to go to H-town.

  13. Bad_Brad says:

    I find myself wondering what criteria needs to be met to be Houston police chief? A pulse? Dumbest shit I’ve heard since Beta last opened his mouth.

  14. Elder Nerd says:

    This sheriff is about as dumb as a box of rocks, except the rocks may be smarter… He is in lock step with the Paragon of Virtue, Rep Sheila Jackson Lee, who runs one of the most crime riddled and corrupt districts in Houston, who also is a member of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, and is now a Senior member of the House Judiciary Committee. If either of these morons had their way, Houston would become another Chicago. I have been hoping that folks down here would come to their senses and run these carpet baggers out on a rail. Alas, they keep getting elected time after time…

    This dingbat sheriff has completely trashed a fairly reputable police department, in an attempt to create their own loyal breed of jackboots. But, that seems to be the modern trend, of liberalist corrupting our PDs and then we wonder why the creeps that are left do such heinous things. I used to be a fan of the thin blue line, but not anymore after watching some of the horrible things they have been caught doing.

    With both of these politicians, you can’t have a conversation with nor get a word in edgewise, so there is no ability for debate or discussion, only dictating their terms, take it or leave it. They like the sounds of their own gums flapping.

    Case in point:

  15. loadedforbear says:

    Chief Acevedo is a anti-gun, sanctuary city, political hack. Whenever he shows up on the news, which is quite often, I dive for the Mute button.

  16. Jim says:

    Chief needs to think about some remedial defensive tactics training……or stop hiring pussies. One or the other.

  17. RDB says:

    Seems like that cop made an illegal gun transfer. He should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Isn’t that in line with gun control?!

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