“Cleanup at the checkout, cleanup at the checkout, please”

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  1. Rooster says:

    Starbucks if next store dude….

  2. Padawan says:

    It’s his emotional support mini horse and he’ll threaten to sic a “disablility rights lawyer” on you if you tell him the horse isn’t welcome in the store.

  3. Aesop says:

    Bonus points for putting a pack saddle on it to carry your purchases. Then I’d buy “service animal” as at least semi-legit.

    (I’d also rather see the decrepit riding an animal than zooming around in those goddam electric Fatass Mobiles, blocking the fucking aisles and running into and over everyone else.
    Next sumbitch that runs into me is getting clotheslined, I swear, and if it’s a courtesy vehicle, I’m suing the store as an enabling accomplice. At current course and speed, those things are going out the door, and states will start requiring separate licensing and liability insurance, just like other vehicle drivers. I’ve lost track of how many people we’ve treated in the ER for being run over by Blind Fatass Granny since they became a thing.)

    But the store can throw his ass (and his pony) out with impunity, and without infringing on the ADA by simply pointing out he hasn’t put the mandatory giant horsie diaper on Trigger Jr., nor has he any waste bags, bucket, broom, mop, and poop scooper in case of such an eventuality. Hit the bricks, Jack.

    Your emotional support horse’s right to be there ends when you haven’t done the due diligence to keep him there without peeing or crapping in the aisles, even under the ADA. I throw people’s bogus menageries out of hospitals for a living, and the rules are not really in their favor if you know how to call their bluff within those rules.

    Game, Set, Match.

    The looks on their faces are priceless when that happens, btw.
    Entitlement, meet brick wall.

    But if he went into a scuba shop and asked for a pony tank, he could win the internetz for the day.

    • Padawan says:

      I used to have a woman that workef for me who claimed Aspbergers Syndrome but was just really a super annoying twat for attention. She’s a hypochondriac; she brought in a note from her “doctor” for things like having to leave 15 minutes early so she could make the bus on time (the bus stop is literally ten feet out the front door of the restaurant) and she *has* to be able to carry a backpack to work because “bad knees.” (We have a no backpack rule in my store because of too many issues with employees and drugs; I’m exempt Every rom this rule because of my diabetic needs but I still carry a shoulder bag to work.) Every time we gave her a legitmate reason for cutting her hours or suspending her she’d pull her ADA bullshit and threaten to send a disability rights lawyer after the company. That was until my new manager (who has at least one parent in the law field) started calling the woman’s bluff. Said woman suddenly up and quit two weeks ago.

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