Daddy’s going to kill him

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11 Responses to Daddy’s going to kill him

  1. anonymous says:

    Yup, kill him, bring him back to life to kill him again. I wonder if his name is Ferris Bueller . . :^)

  2. nonncom says:

    Nah…..he’ll just go out and buy another one, and warn the kid “Now don’t forget what happened last time”….

  3. Big Al says:

    It wasn’t his fault, he was texting.

  4. Tom from east Tennessee says:

    My dad’s a tv repairman! He’s got an awesome set of tools! He can fix it!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Anyone want to bet that he never asked Dad if he could drive it?

  6. Burgess Schnitzius says:

    I worked at a tow company. Couple come in one day to see their car the police had impounded. A Mustang gt. Kid had parked it at about 70 MPH on a bollard set in the ground to keep cars from going in the bedroom of a house at the top of a hill with the street making a 90 degree turn . Motor is between the seats. Daddy looks at car and says,” He can stay in jail.”

  7. WiscoDave says:

    A good friend of mine is the fire chief in a nearby town. Several times he has berated parents that showed up at the scene and asked about the car before asking about their child. Many times, other than WPWT, it was not their child’s fault.

  8. Gryphon says:

    Parents who allow a Kid who has no driving experience to speak of the keys to a high-performance car are just Negligent, and should be held legally accountable for the results. When I graduated from High School in ’77, in an affluent county, there was a LOT of classic Muscle-Cars in the student parking area… even a Dodge Superbird. The kids who drove them were proud of their Rides, but most were Scared of what they could do. I think in the 4 Years I was there we had maybe 2 Fatal Crashes, both DUI’s and neither in Fast Cars.
    Common Sense has left the Building.

  9. Steve says:

    Fuck. For me it was a $500 junker VW bug back in the 70s.

    The look on my dad when he walked into the ER and saw me laying on the stretcher … God why didn’t you take me when you had the chance.

  10. Butch says:

    I got my license in 1962 and had been driving, supervised since I was nine. My first car was a 1946 Packard that weighed around 10,000 pounds, had a slip-n-slide auto tranny and the car would go from o to 60 in 2 hours. I drove and drank beer. I never have had an accident and never stopped for DUI. In my 60 years of driving I have clocked well over 4 million miles. I currently have 500,000 on my Ford F-250 and keep thinking it would be better to fix the minor shit, put a fresh coat of paint on it and try and go for a million miles in it. If I live that long.

    I stopped driving and drinking. Fucking cops and local law found DUI is a gold mine. So, I stay home and drink my beer. Oh, and I have an observation about drinking drivers. It isn’t drinking drivers who are at fault for all the deaths they get blamed for. It is the STUPID drivers. They can be sober, drunk or high on drugs and they are going to kill people. But all we ever hear is that the person who caused the accident was DUI, and that always means drinking. Dopers never get mentioned.

    I really hate to see marijuana go legal everywhere. Tokers have always thought that their sensory perception was SOOOO much better when they were high, so driving while stoned is a good thing, because they are SOOO aware…of the colors!

    I have had stoners work for me doing skilled hand labor. And their daily production sucked. They weren’t smoking on the job, just when they would get home. But the shit never leaves their brain right away. I am not looking forward to having every fourth vehicle being operated by stoners.

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