Friday gifdump Part III











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22 Responses to Friday gifdump Part III

  1. Elmo says:

    I’ve heard of functional alcoholics, but #10 is a HIGHLY functional alcoholic. VERY impressive!

  2. joe says:

    Sorry, but #2 made me laugh! The look on her face.
    Was that a controlled fall to the ground in 8?

    • Shell says:

      Semi-controlled at best. Seeing the gif reminded me of ABC’s Wide World Of Sports showing lumberjack competitions in the ’70s. Back then the “landing area” at the base was merely sawdust, albeit a good pile of it. The competitors got to where they were using less and less control on the way down so foam rubber pads were beginning to be used by time WWOS stopped showing them.

      • Wirecutter says:

        I miss Wide World of Sports and I’m not into sports at all. I really enjoyed watching the individuals compete in something besides football, basketball and baseball.

        • nonncom says:

          I remember the days when they would cove a few laps of a Nascar race and then whisk away to Lithuanian basket weaving….it was so much fun….”This is Jim McKay sending you over to Bud Palmer… there Bud?”

          • crazyeighter says:

            Or Jim Economaki with his boilerplate “What’s it like out there?” question to someone that’s just crashed or DNF’d.

            • Sabre22 says:

              Sumo Wrestling was always fun to watch.

              • pigpen51 says:

                That was back when sports were for competition, and not all about money. I also loved the different sports that they covered.
                They would sometimes cover the Harlem Globetrotters, a favorite of mine when I was young.
                Now, sports is so crummy, I see that the MLB is going with fewer farm associated clubs the next coming years, because they use so many different camera angles at all of the minor league parks, they know just from the tapes if a player has what it takes to make it to the major leagues or not, before he has even passed into single A ball. So they don’t waste time on fundamentals on players who don’g have a shot at the big leagues. It is all about money. As a result, you will have the minor leagues, but they won’t be affiliated with clubs like the Phillies or the Yankees or the Tigers. They will have to count on drawing enough from the gate to pay for their own way, with perhaps a little help from the major league clubs if they have something that is deemed worthwhile.
                My local cable station here in lower Michigan stopped carrying the Detroit Tigers ball games, due to their channel being dropped over money, so I have not watched them much this year. I hate it, but I have seen parts of a couple of Lion games this year, out of boredom when it rains on days like today.
                Have a great week, and stay healthy.

    • Scruff says:

      yes, sort of. there is something in the rules about touching the pole every so many feet on the way down.

  3. Atlas says:

    #4 Camp Fire, Paradise, California. November 8th, 2018.

    Looks familiar. We were leaving about the same time too.

    • Donnie says:

      Maybe Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Not arguing, mind you. Looked very much like a evac video i saw.

    • Joe says:

      New Skyway, Between Coutolenc Rd and Town of Paradise limits. I stayed in town through the fire. Quite the experience.

  4. Highlander (no More..) says:

    #10 is a keeper!

  5. Paul B says:

    #2 never trust a bear like that.

  6. Butch says:

    Every now and then we will eat at a Chinee buffet like #5. If I ever saw some of the regular riff-raff that eats at those places eat out of the serving bowl, I think I would have to stomp his knee sideways. I am getting a little frail in my older age to really whoop up on anyone today. But slamming his knee sidways, maybe he’ll never be able to walk up to a buffet service table again.

  7. Jeremy says:

    #4 reminds me of driving home when the wife was in one of her moods.

  8. Jeremy says:

    #6. Bikes do NOT belong mixed up with vehicle traffic. The third world riders lose the fight but their families make pay day in our corrupt courts.

    • Mad Jack says:

      You’re right about that. I got knocked off my bike in the middle of a crosswalk; some lady turning right on red and not looking where she was going until she saw my mother’s favorite son riding her front bumper. I was okay and got $500 out of the deal, but I’d much rather have avoided the whole thing.

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