Gotta be California (again)

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6 Responses to Gotta be California (again)

  1. Aesop says:

    More like Pig’s Pantry, Jefferson, Colorado.
    The t-shirt on the right on a hanger gives it away.
    Looks like someone blurred out the Lottery info on the TV screen too.

    Good effort, though.

    If you want, I’ll go troll Hollyweird and downtown L.A. with my camera and send you some better legit choices.
    After I get my typhus booster shot, and the anti-rat bite snake chaps. ;)

    • Wirecutter says:

      No no, I wouldn’t do that to you.

    • Fairplayjeepguy says:

      Jefferson, CO is my neck of the woods. That ain’t it. Only one gas station there (hell, only 3 businesses in total), and its counter don’t look like that. Additionally, if someone came in looking like that, it would likely be kindly and firmly shown the door, jamb first.

  2. nwoldude says:


  3. LowKey says:

    Looks like one of his “friends” used one….

  4. FrankP says:

    He’s trolling for something. Definitely not something *I’d* want to catch!

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