It’s cool, he’s going to die tomorrow anyway

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  1. loadedforbear says:

    I’m not a rancher, and I’m not a PETA nut, but that seems like a cruel way to move an animal.

    • Don’t know the background. Maybe the cow’s down and they’re on the way to the vet, couldn’t get it in a regular trailer.
      Or it’s a prop, you never can tell from a still…

      A healthy cow’s probably too strong to keep restrained with those straps if it panics…

  2. James Cook says:

    I am guessing, but I this looks like a down cow on its way to be slaughtered. Cows like most large animals will suffer nerve damage and muscle damage due to circulation loss if the lay down for long periods. Yes you will see cows laying down in fields, but they cannot be laying down for longer than about a day. In such cases it is better to put the animal down that to let suffer with the tissue damage.

  3. fjord says:


  4. Bert says:

    OTOH, big boy may be on his way to a different herd that needs to be serviced (now why does that thought remind me of Hillary, Huma, and all the worn out nutzo broads in Congress)?

  5. Rayvet says:

    Cow/bull has something wrong with it. See how atrophied the muscles are in lower back,hips etc? It’s likely be transported somewhere for euthanasia or maybe a vet school for evaluation. Downed cows usually can’t be slaughtered for food consumption unless those rules have changes since I was in school back in the 80’s.

    • rocketride says:

      They haven’t changed. At least not that much.

    • AlphaDelta says:

      The fuck you talking about, Ray? Don’t know how your ass does this shit down in Georgia, but that ain’t right, and you know it.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I’m gonna guess cow from the head shape. Also quite old from the general condition. Fido food.

  7. fjord says:

    Euthanasia for a cow is a bullet to the head.

    A by the rules butcher wont and can’t butcher an animal that can not walk in under it’s own power.
    If you have an animal go down from injury the only way you can get a butcher to cut the meat for you is to kill it, skin it, quarter it and take it to them where they’ll cut it up. Last. And then sterilize their equipment before using it on some thing else.

    That meat can’t be sold retail.

    They also check the teeth of cows for age and will do older cows last due to risk of prion disease. Will remove and discard cuts near spinal cord if older than @5 yrs.
    A lot of pasture pets and breeding females are up there in age.

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