“Look, I can see her… balls?”

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5 Responses to “Look, I can see her… balls?”

  1. Roger.45 says:

    “IF” that’s a gal… the guy on the bottom may be about to get a Dirty Sanchez.

  2. OneLastTime says:

    If you can see her balls, you’re in San Francisco.

  3. Bright Eyes says:

    She probably got more balls than the two fags pushin the cart.

  4. bootmaker says:

    i recognize the one on top as rob williams…a smoking buddy from way back, and onetime member of ‘the flaming idiots’, stage jugglers on the ren faire ciruit that went on to broadway for awhile…rob made a bologna sandwich with his feet on one of those latenite shows (leno i think)…pretty much an old hippy/carny on a higher plane…lol

  5. Bacon says:

    Yeah, acrobat Casey Martin looks a bit like a dude but she’s female.

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