Might wanna step back a couple feet

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  1. kennymac says:

    Fuckin’ dumbass.

    “Drone captures Lake Superior cliff collapsing near kayakers”


    • joe says:

      I’ve kayaked along there several times. It’s really hard not to get right up to the wall because its so cool to look up. That’s the same place the guy pushed his wife off the cliff and killed her a couple years ago.

      • kennymac says:

        “I’ve kayaked along there several times. It’s really hard not to get right up to the wall because its so cool to look up.”

        Yeah, me too and I agree. It’s a beautiful place. Of course the risk is much less than the fool in this picture is taking. From the bottom. I actually knew a guy that fell off from the top and somehow survived, many years ago. Must have had a view like the guy in the picture.

    • Roy says:

      Turn off your ad-blocker or go away. I go away every time.

  2. Jason says:

    It looks like he is sitting on a rock and his left heel is on the ledge. That’s three points of contact. Perfectly safe.

  3. Rick says:

    A characteristic of the granite of the Sierra Nevada is how it weathers into the shape of smooth sided domes like layers peeled from an onion. (‘exfoliation domes’ for anyone interested.) This presents an obstacle for the hiker at the top who wants to see what’s at the bottom They will inch ever more from the vertical towards the horizontal until gravity defeats friction and off they go for a real good look at the bottom. My sweetheart of the time was well into this process as I latched onto her belt just as she slipped the surly bonds of boot on granite on a one-way 150′ flight.

  4. Shell says:

    When I was a much younger man and went rock-climbing with a friend, yeah. Now? Not a chance.

  5. Capt. Craig says:

    Living under a cliff is like going to sleep every night with a loaded shotgun pointed at your head. It should never go off, right? The folks of Frank Alberta thought so. http://www3.sympatico.ca/goweezer/canada/frank.htm

  6. TwoDogs says:

    At 66 I don’t trust my balance that much anymore.

  7. nwoldude says:

    It is a beautiful shoreline top and bottom. If you visit, please spend lots of money.

  8. rob says:

    I’m 74 and just experiencing vertigo for the first time.


  9. Butch says:

    Such a shame more millennials don’t fall. If they are stupid enough to stand or sit on the edge, they are lacking good sense.

    At first I though the bottom was maybe 500 feet or so down, and those white square looking things were stones from the cliff. Then after reading some comments I realized that where the kid was, he was probably over 600 feet. Then commentators began referring to the river which I then identified. Shit that cliff is closed to 1500 feet high.

  10. FrankP says:

    If you’re hooked into your wing (hang glider), just lean forward and push off.

    Otherwise, hey, whatever turns your crank.

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