Most folks just carry a spare tire

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11 Responses to Most folks just carry a spare tire

  1. Flight Erdoc says:

    I had a RAM truck….I’d carry a spare too

  2. Jeremy says:

    Where is his other roller skate?

  3. Unclezip says:

    Recently saw a Peterbuilt with one mounted on a sliding frame crossways behind the cab.

  4. rocketride says:

    The technical term is ‘auxiliary vessel’.

  5. warhorse says:

    if I ever get a camper, I’ll get one of those toy hauler ones and put one of those inside. once you get settled at the campground, who wants to unhook everything to run down to the store?

  6. WDS says:

    Some woman in town has one. She zips around in it like she doesn’t have to observe common sense rules of the road. They’re gonna bury her in it as it will be damn near impossible to extricate the carcass when she totals it.

    • Elmo says:

      Much like many Prius drivers. They don’t have to obey traffic laws or rules of common courtesy because they’re better than we are, don’t you know.

      • WDS says:

        Let’s add in the idiot moped riders. I almost creamed one while on the motorcycle last month because he blew the stop sign. If you lost your license because of a DUI you certainly shouldn’t be allowed to operate anything on a public road.

  7. Bill says:

    Dodge. Better have a whole spare truck

  8. Rob says:

    Smart Car crash test video, 6 minutes.

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