Sunday Video 3

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5 Responses to Sunday Video 3

  1. the other other Andrew says:

    Every dog I’ve ever had has known to not eye-fuck my food when I’m eating. Trust me. I learned to stare down cats. Dogs are a push-over in comparison.

    Now the wife? Yeah, she lets them stare. Until the dog sees me skull-fucking them with my eyes, then they settle down real damned quick.

  2. nwoldude says:

    That’s funny!

  3. stine says:

    This one is the best of the bunch. I get the feeling he’s done this before.

  4. arc says:

    Hope he shared at least some. My over grown sofa wolf usually gets some of whatever I forage up out of the kitchen. Bugger comes right up to me and waits.

  5. Arf!@luis says:

    Love that dog!

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