Sunday Video 5

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14 Responses to Sunday Video 5

  1. Pointy End Out says:

    Words fail me.

  2. Tom says:

    We don’t know the back story. For all we know she insisted on stealing it from some business lobby and he said: OK, but you have to carry it :)

  3. samoore says:

    Chivalry ain’t dead after all.

  4. The Jannie says:

    Ever the gentleman!

  5. Martin says:

    equal rights

  6. Bob M says:

    Agree with Pointy End Out

  7. SgtBob says:

    When they’re married, he will find out about payback.

  8. MikeH says:

    only in the west do we have weak bitchy useless women.
    wont even do what God intended and insist they are oppressed when in fact they are kept.
    Im sure halfway between what was in the vid and what we have would be better

  9. trib says:

    Welcome to the real world socialist feminists pigs. A muslim would have slapped the shit out of her and put a sack over her head. Asians you see are a little nicer. Americans we are learning.

  10. waitingForTheStorm says:

    Very Asian. My wife is Chinese. At airports, the guy just walks away and the women are expected to carry the luggage. When we would pick people up, I would grab the bags and go. My wife said she was the envy of every woman in a Chinese marriage. My mother-in-law called me the “golden son-in-law”. It is so rare that they actually have an idiom for it.

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