Sunday Video 7

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29 Responses to Sunday Video 7

  1. Martinez Alex says:

    What a cutie, dang sure stronger than me..

  2. UH1H CE says:

    I wanna have her babies

  3. Elmo says:

    She can help me buck hay anytime!

  4. Frankie says:

    Hey Babe,can you fetch me that keg of beer from my truck? I like her.Anybody knows who she is?

  5. Paul B says:

    pretty cute. Bought 200 pounds she is cleaning an jerking there. Pretty good form as well.

  6. Oscar2Marine says:

    Now I know why its called the snatch lift !

  7. jimmy says:

    I’m wondering….If I held the door open for her, would she break me in half ?

  8. Kapt Kaos says:

    Damnations. That one is way cute.

  9. Antibubba says:


  10. 26ncreb says:

    Thank you Kenny for all you do !

  11. Cavguy says:

    Who is that’s?

  12. RTinWeimar says:

    Those eyes and smile at 00:54. Wow !!

  13. LC says:

    it’s not 200lbs, those are 10’s. so it’s 45 for the bar, and 20 on each side. it’s about 85lbs.


    a jr high male can easily do that. Hell any Jr high male should be able to press it overhead. (which she can’t do)

    • Mike_C says:

      There’s a thicker and thinner plate on each side — I’m thinking a 25lb and a 10, so 35×2+45=115 lbs. which ain’t shabby (for a gurrrrl) — but it isn’t 4 “real” plates and an Olympic bar (=225 lbs give or take) either.

    • james says:

      those are indeed bumper plates but it isn’t two 10s on each side, it looks like a ten and a 15 on each side. Making it 95.

  14. Tim in AK says:

    Apparently it’s possible to be aroused and a little bit scared at the same time LOL

    Looking at her legs, while they’re definitely beautiful, I was reminded of the woman in a James Bond flick who killed men by wrapping her legs around them and squeezing them to death.

  15. arc says:

    Excellent! Just when I thought I preferred men, this 10/10 hotsome goes and puts a video up, now I’m questioning everything.

  16. Bright Eyes says:

    I don’t think those were 45lb. weights. I think they are like dummy weights and ya can chuck em like a Frisbee. However, the bar must be 40lb. Yes she is strong I take nothing away from her. I just don’t think it’s 180lb just with the weights.

  17. trib says:

    Thanks I needed that.

  18. Cederq says:

    And here I was wondering if she ever bruised the top of her titties by putting the bar down too fast and too close.

  19. Butch says:

    Girls who lift weights like that and dress like that want to have their bodies ogled. So why not just get bare braced and buck naked so we can see all your muscles?

    And I think about 2 hours a day on a rowing machine would tighten up all those jiggles.

  20. Hoss says:

    Honestly dont care if the weight is180 or 18. That is a strong gorgeous young lady.

  21. warhorse says:

    as my dad used to say “she could throw ya and blow ya before you could lick her and dick her!”

  22. paul says:

    @allisonnyc……go knock yourselves out…..

  23. Ohio Guy says:

    And the judges score:……10,…..9,….and 10. (clapping and cheers) whoo hooo!

  24. A Texan says:

    Wow, that’s quite the snatch she has there. Just sayin’.

    Seriously, kudos to her for having the discipline to get in such great shape – beats the heck out of most girls her age, or any other. Oh, and that smile is killer.

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