Sunday Video 8

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12 Responses to Sunday Video 8

  1. Formerlib says:

    We’ve got nothing to fear from the Russians.

  2. Dolt says:

    Almost sounded like Benny Hill theme song starting there at the end

  3. singlestack says:

    A girl with a grenade. What could go wrong?

  4. Arc says:

    Saw something like this happen once at SOI west but it was a test for the junior instructor. Boot was told to screw up his blank throw to see if the instructor could handle a live screw up. He passed.

    Video looks like a trainer grenade but its always funny seeing people run.

  5. Plankton67 says:

    They all smugly assume that they can do the jobs and tasks of a basic Soldier or Marine. They all believe that the Army is “for dummies”… ( I was actually told that by a relative ). Then they try to do a task and end up endangering themselves, and others. She needs to stick to soy lattes, grievance studies and knitting pussy hats.

  6. Leonard Jones says:

    She throws like a girl!

  7. Plankton, I betcha you were told that by a no-prior-service relative.

  8. Bright Eyes says:

    Am I surprised? No in the least.

  9. Heathen says:

    Translation = ” I’m the only one he qualified to …” !

  10. Ohio Guy says:

    Wacky Russkies!

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