The War in Laos

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4 Responses to The War in Laos

  1. nines says:

    Now I get why the cops won’t get near all their heavily defended environmental disaster grows in the Emerald Triangle. I’m old and I’m slow, but I do get it now.

  2. warhorse says:

    I work with a lot of people from laos. Vang Pao is a hero to most of them.

    Laos still sends spies to the US to watch people who left, and tells them if they talk bad about the communists their family will pay.

  3. daddy-o says:

    Back in the 80s I met a vet who was caught up in that stuff, Air Force, used to tell storys, just to get it out.
    I miss that neighbor I had, if any one knows a Gary “Whitey” Everard, or Evrard, send me a hook up. He was from the Minnisota area, but retired to MA.

  4. Bariboy says:

    I just finished the book “A Great Place to Have a War” by Joshua Kurlantzick. Great read on this subject!

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