This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and medikated inside

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35 Responses to This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and medikated inside

  1. WiscoDave says:

    Like a visual “blue pill.”

  2. Wolffman says:

    Dude must wear spectacles, there’s only one AR and the M-1 carbine that’s NOT scoped…well, and no shotguns, either…

  3. irontomflint says:

    Aah! True to its roots, there is a black powder pistol included!

  4. crazyeighter says:

    Nice start to an “arsenal”.

  5. WDS says:

    Back in the day, the old man bought a surplus Inland 30 Cal. for next to nothing and Railway Express delivered it right to the front door, in NY no less. Good times.

    • Sabre22 says:

      I picked and Inland A few months back not great looking but for a shooter I did a little research and it was made Feb 1944-to August 1944. So i am happy

  6. Wind River Ranger says:

    No collection, no matter how small, is not complete without at least one 1911.

  7. enn ess says:

    Nice assortment of “emotional support” pets …….

  8. Bad_Brad says:

    This guys gay. No 1911.

  9. WoodBurner says:

    Not a 1911 fan.

  10. DSmith says:

    Needs a lever gun for completeness.

  11. Joe Blow says:

    Whats funny is half the country looks at the picture for a moment, gives a satisfying nod of approval, and moves on admiring the collection of firearms.
    The other half reacts decidedly differently.

  12. TwoDogs says:

    He’s definitely got the rifle boxes checked, except I don’t see a match grade .22. He’s lacking in the schnazzy autopistol category though. Needs to work on that.

  13. Aesop says:


    So, he’s just getting started…

  14. Rick says:

    Not one lever gun. Tsk tsk

  15. Scott Doe says:

    Pictures like that make me emotionally erect

  16. Cabron says:

    What is the 3rd one down? The bullpup bolt?

  17. trib says:

    Snowflakes and ATF are going into freak out mode.

  18. Old Gray Wolf says:

    Sarah Connor has him beat by a mile. He got whipped at gun collecting by a girl!

  19. Paul J says:

    Who looked under my bed?

  20. David says:

    I would say , “Son or Daughter, what you have there is the start of a nice collection there. Just keep up the good work. That and your Folks must be mighty proud of you!”

  21. livintoride says:

    holy shit , is that a h&r 922 i see at the upper right

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