Wild veal

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10 Responses to Wild veal

  1. Ed says:

    “Veal” indeed…those pesky spots peel right off.

  2. Pointy End Out says:

    I call those “vealison”…

    On a personal bragism, I bagged a young 7 pointer 20 MINUTES into the season opening morning!
    Either gonna be a great season or he’s gonna be the last deer I see all season…

  3. Elmo says:

    Great picture.
    I’ve only seen triplets one time out in the woods. It was at least 35 years ago but I could drive right to the spot where I saw them. Funny how that works.

  4. grayman says:

    I see a load of meat for the freezer in a few years. They are cute as can be though but do not make pets of dinner.

  5. Doug says:

    Tow headed little burgers, uhm boogers.

  6. censusdesignatedplace says:

    Those little tidbits are all over place lately. Tempting.

  7. Phil B says:

    They are the snack sized versions.

  8. JamesD says:

    Hmmm, shouldn’t it be wild venison? I thought veal was baby cows. Maybe I am missing a joke?

  9. pigpen51 says:

    I have never seen 3 together. I have seen 2 a number of times. And they are always cute. In Michigan, it is a crap shoot if the winter will allow them to last until spring or not.

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