Black Death Coffee

Whoever is sending me the Black Death and Black Rifle coffee, thank you. That shit has legs and a great flavor to boot.
It’s very much appreciated.

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  1. hbbill says:

    What blend on the Black Rifle? I was thinking of getting my son-in-law some for Christmas.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Shit, I don’t remember, I finished that batch a while back. I got some Black Death whole bean coffee in the mail today.

    • Cwel11 says:

      I prefer the AK47. Medium roast. Great coffee and a great company.

    • Gator says:

      Ive had a subscription for a couple years now and have drank all of them. It’s made me kind of a coffee snob, and I didn’t even drink coffee until about three years ago. I’ve grown to like a strong coffee, so there are some I prefer over others. I get three random bags delivered every couple weeks, so I never know what I’m getting. If you like strong flavored/dark roast coffee, Blackbeard’s delight is hands down the best. It’s my favorite all time coffee. Murdered Out is their darkest roast I believe, it’s very good, but it’s a little stout for some people. Beyond Black is another fantastic one. I’ve grown to really like iced coffee and make cold brew, and beyond black makes a fantastic cold brew as well as hot coffee. Between hot/cold it’s probably the best one if you like both types of coffee. As much as I love Blackbeard’s as hot coffee, it’s doesnt make as good of a cold brew. Freedom fuel is another fantastic dark roast coffee.

      For milder ones, a medium roast, Gunship is the best. Makes great hot or cold brew( I like mixing it with beyond black for cold brew). Gunship is probably the best one to get for a first timer. I accidently ordered a bag of whole bean gunship one time, and bought a cheap grinder since I ain’t gonna waste it, and the difference between grinding it yourself and buying bags of ground coffee was so drastic that I switched my subscription to whole bean and only buy it now. Coffee or die is another great medium roast. I’m not that big of a fan of lighter roasts after drinking the above ones, but they are more like a medium roast from a lotnofnthe big name coffee makers. Just Black is OK, Silencer smooth is ok, it just seems more like tea after drinking the above roasts. AK47 is another one that I do enjoy drinking, but ya not a favorite.

      One final thought, their holiday roast is fucking fantastic, they only roast it in December so if you are looking for a good Christmas gift for a coffee fan, wait until they start roasting that stuff in December and get them (and yourself) a bag of it. If you have a ‘best of’ subscription like me, you’ll automatically get it in December.

      TL/DR. It’s good coffee and you should try some.

  2. drjim says:

    I’ve had some of their coffee, and to say “it has legs” is putting it mildly!

    Good stuff when you’re on the Night Watch.

  3. Sedition says:

    Caffinated As Fuck (BRCC). If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.

    • oldawg says:

      When I’m out on a cold winter morning that’s the one in my Stanley. Makes you satisfied with life.

  4. Padawan says:

    I have heart issues but I’ll gladly chance them for a cup of Death Wish any day. :-D

  5. Padawan says:

    Black Rifle Coffee has a YouTube channel with some funny videos on it.

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