Can’t say that I blame the kids

Can unisex bathrooms lead to bladder infections for young girls? Because of how they’re being implemented in the United Kingdom, at least one doctor thinks so.

The Daily Mail reported Sunday that young girls have become so intimidated by the prospect of using gender-neutral bathrooms that they’re taking drastic steps to avoid using them — up to and including staying home from school.

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2 Responses to Can’t say that I blame the kids

  1. chutes magoo says:

    Too bad so sad. If they can protest for climate change lunacy they can suffer through gender dysphoria and all that accompanies it! Fuck Em!

    • mdfuller56 says:

      No, the children are mere pawns in the SJW grownups experiments. Imagine your 13-14 y/o daughter,/grandaughter going into a bathroom shared by mussie slime.

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