Come to Mama

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  1. Martinez Alex says:

    Oils you imagine trying to get the cuckaburrs out of that coat?

  2. Annie says:

    Yep. Happens every day here.

  3. gregory h. says:

    Just imagine the amount of poop that dog would leave in the yard. Hundreds of pounds every month.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Depends on how you feed it. If the diet is balanced right, he’ll leave a surprisingly small amount of shit. CharlieGodammit weighs in at about 130 pounds and he lays turds smaller than that asshole dog Jack who weighs 70 pounds.
      Funny thing is, I feed them both the same thing, so it depends on the dog itself.

      • Wayne K Wilson says:

        Sounds like Jack might be following CharlieGodDamnit around when he does his biddness.

  4. Frank says:

    What the hell is that .I gotta get me one!

  5. Name (required) says:

    Wonder what breed that is?

  6. Brian S. says:

    I’ll be in your neck of the woods tomorrow Kenny. I’m picking up Labrador rescue dog in Lafayette & transporting him to a Lab rescue in Indiana.

  7. Sawed Off Bastard says:

    Leash or saddle ?

  8. DaveS says:

    Looks more like a Leonberger to me – ears and face/eyes don’t have the classic Caucasian Ovcharka look. Whatever breed – he’s a BIG fella! I usually think of my Kuvaszok as being big, but both Leonbergers and any of the Ovcharkas can get enormous. And he’s friendly – at least with his peeps!

  9. Plankton67 says:

    Can you imagine how much dog hair that beast leaves in the house???

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