“Daddy’s going to kill me”

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  1. Mike_C says:

    “My Maseratti does one-eighty-five
    I lost my license, now I don’t drive”

    Life imitates Art :-)

    • Padawan says:

      One of the little delinquents that works for me just lost his license a week after he first got it. State police clocked the kid doing 106 in a posted 30 MPH zone in his father’s brand new Trail Hawk. Last I heard said delinquent can return to work sometime around the next blue moon.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Not if a train beats him to it.

  3. They said turn left at the rail road tracks!!!!

  4. gamachinist says:

    I pulled a girl off some tracks like that about 40 years ago. To be fair, it was where you came out of an underground parking garage sort of place into the light ( and the road turned the same way) and she was probably a little blinded by the sun.
    I got her off just before a train came through ( switching cars so moving slow enough to have probably stopped in time).

  5. Stretch says:


  6. meh. says:

    I doubt those tracks are used anymore, hence the greenery. I could be wrong, but I’ve never seen that.

  7. fatman says:

    okay when I was 15 my mother drove a little Fiat bubble car. 4 speed probably 100hp. My mother was at work and well it was raining and I wanted to go to the “Jiffy” store. I took the car the “back way” so I wouldn’t get caught driving without a license. The back way was 2 dirt roads to get to the store. Got to the store fine but on the way back I decided to “see what it could do” At a right hand turn I revved the engine and dumped the clutch. the car immediately went sideways and when I over corrected I wound up straddle the tracks of a RR spur that ran along side the road. Oh Shit was the only thing would come out. Well I had to call my Mom and she called my uncle, an old school paint and body man to help me. My uncle and my cousin got there before my Mom and all they could do for the first few minutes was laugh. We were all trying to figure out how to get it off the tracks when my Mom got there. The look on her face made it clear I was gonna get a beating. While we were standing there way off in the distance we could hear the air horn on the train that came through everyday at that time. My mother lost her mind. Screaming waving her hands jumping up and down because she thought the train was gonna get the car. My uncle explained that the car was on a spur and the train wasn’t gonna hit the car but it was to late Mom was already mad as hell and nothing was gonna calm her down Well the 3 of us lifted the car off the tracks. First one end and then the other.My Mom is still raising hell Well 2 wheels were damaged on the car but I drove it the 2 blocks to the house following my Mom. The 2 damaged wheels acted like 2 drunks trying to lead each other back to the bar.. wobbling and weaving and bouncing. When I got home Mom was waiting for me with the biggest belt I had ever seen. She started in on me and didn’t quit until her arm got tired. She then told me “Don’t you move I’ll be right back” She went in the kitchen got herself a glass of tea and about 10 minutes later she came back and whipped my ass again until her arm got tired.. We never spoke of it again until I was well into my 30’s. Every word is true.

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