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  1. grego says:

    Like to know what kind of roofing #8 was.

  2. Cavguy says:

    Ken what do you know about #8? I’ve never seen a roof system like that. Wonder how it is is high winds?


    • Wirecutter says:

      The caption said the entire roof can be secured with one nail, that’s all I know. And when I saw it I also wondered the same thing about a decent wind.

    • Joe says:

      It looks like the lower end locks to the shingle below it and there is a tab to be nailed down on the upper right corner of every shingle. I would guess that he comes back after every run and secures that tab. I put roofs on for 20 years and never ran across this. Glad to be doing easier work now.

      • SinepuxentSerf says:

        To me, it looks like the shingle has 3 ribs and when he slips it in place he’s pushing his palm on the middle rib catching the right hand corner tab of a previously laid shingle.
        I’ve searched for a half hour and I can’t find anything. But would love to find out more.

      • the other other Andrew says:

        Yeah, don’t meet FL hurricane standards, so screw that shit. Literally, screw it in. Lots of screws…

  3. Numbah six” All hail our Robot Overlords!”

  4. I had a normal sized cat (like, 10 lbs, not the 25 that a Bengal can reach) do #3 to me, once. Then she brained herself on a half open door, trying to escape the thump she knew was coming.

    Yeah, I didn’t thump her after that. One, she’d done it to herself, and two, I was laughing too hard.

  5. rob says:

    # 6 looks like a stripper walking past a row of 14-year-old boys.

  6. gamachinist says:

    Does anyone have any information about the shingles and #8?

  7. 15Fixer says:

    I like # 1. Nothing like having an Mi-24 inflict a little friendly-fire damage for ya!!!!!

  8. Thomas says:

    Think I found it(#8) , or something awful close. Aluminum Lock Roof Inc.

  9. Thomas says:

    Update Permalock aluminum shingles.

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