Friday gifdump Part III











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11 Responses to Friday gifdump Part III

  1. Onehalfmvsquared says:

    Izzat LaWanda with the big TV? Looks like she finally found a job and maybe get off guvmint assistants. Ax her how the ride done!

  2. Bright Eyes says:

    #1 I’d hire that guy in a minute. He acts instead of reacts. Good call. No clue what those assholes are doing in #3.

  3. Guairdean says:

    I’d give #4 a score of 8.5. He didn’t stick the landing.

  4. SgtBob says:

    The dude in #1 deserves a bonus and a raise.

    • gamachinist says:

      Amen. But I bet he got chewed out for damaging the cart instead of a bonus for preventing damage to the plane, unless he worked for the airline ( even a bump to the nose would have cost more than two of those carts).

      • DCE says:

        Sacrificing a $40K aircraft tractor to save a multimillion dollar aircraft seems like a good tradeoff to me.

  5. I don’t get the point of #3 and I’m old enough I saw #6 on a fifties TV show, can’t remember the name but it was a Ripleys Believe or Not type of show.
    You don’t forget a horse skipping rope.

  6. Rowland says:

    #7 – I live in MO near Whiteman AFB and the guys running the B2 stealths love it when it’s a little windy, like 18 to 25 MPH. They’ll point the big bird into the wind, pull back on the stick and throttle up. With the wind hitting the big wing, they basically hover. And then they go looking for base housing to “buzz” the guys on their day off. After they did a low fly pass over a barracks and rattled all the windows out, they had to cut back.

  7. Johno says:

    No.2, is that just an average deposit for Wirecutter’s weekly bigtime-blogger income?

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