Good Morning

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13 Responses to Good Morning

  1. Ragnar says:


  2. formwiz says:

    That little girl is a sweetie.

  3. Dan Patterson says:

    Dear daddy:
    You are a good man.

  4. Kapt Kaos says:

    Damn straight. Dad. He’s doing it right.

  5. mobiuswolf says:

    Gramps is the pushovèr.

  6. KirK says:

    Now , there’s a good man being a great dad…

  7. Unclezip says:

    Good man.

  8. Bright Eyes says:

    My kid got off the bus one day she was painted like a barn. I said so were wearing makeup now? Yup she said. I said you come go for wit me and I took her to what was called Merle Norman a cosmetic place that did make up on their clients. I looked at the girl behind the counter and said, can you fix this? She said, yup and did. Counter girl showed her how to put the crap on and I bought stuff that was suppose to be good for her skin. Wasn’t no sense fighting it so I was doing damage control.

  9. kimh81 says:


  10. Dave says:

    That’s what I always call “making the memories that last a lifetime”. Doesn’t get any better.

  11. WoodBurner says:


  12. Macumazahn says:

    Daddy’s girl forever.
    I only hope he does a better job painting her nails, than he did cutting her hair.

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