(Meredith) — A father suffered a fatal heart attack a day after learning his son was murdered at a Tennessee laundromat.

Greeneville police found the body of Christopher Short outside the Celebrity Coin Laundry on Oct. 2. The department did not provide details about how he died but identified Stanley Eric Mossburg as the murder suspect.

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7 Responses to Heartbroken

  1. John h says:

    Damn!! Im not sure i could stand it either. Thats gottta be the worst pain ever inflicted on a human being. God bless their families.
    John h

  2. anonymous says:

    Very sad indeed. Years ago, a similar situation happened in our neighborhood. A man died cutting another’s overgrown yard, having a heart attack. Another neighbor, older and a long time friend of the family died the next day, overcome with grief. I’ve lost both my parents, but have both my young adult children. It would be devastating to lose them either or both of them. A parent should not have to outlive their children, but sometimes, that is how Life rolls.

    Our condolences to the Short family for their loss.

  3. Brian says:

    I believe it’s called Broken Heart syndrome.

  4. SinepuxentSerf says:

    Although it always feels insufficient, I tell people it’s like a massive stroke. Only an emotional one. It’s sudden, devastating, life threatening. Permanent, never able to completely heal. Self-defining.

    Without exaggeration, I can honestly say it almost killed my husband and I.
    Yesterday marked 13 years. I spent my day torturing myself with ” what if I did this, she might of lived”, what if I that. It doesn’t matter how logical one can argue or tell you that these “what ifs” wouldn’t change the outcome. Responsible parents always feel responsible for their child’s death. Sorry. It’s the truth.

    And then you get to feel guilty because you feel like you’re not, I don’t know, farther along the so called healing process. I ask: If your child moved away to a place where you weren’t able to communicate with or see them for 13 years, would you miss them more or less?

  5. Rob says:

    There is nothing in the world like losing your child….

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