(Meredith) — A Georgia high school teacher has been placed on administrative leave after allegedly posting a message in her classroom saying the Confederate flag is a symbol of someone’s intention to “marry your sister.”

A student at Hephzibah High School in Augusta, Georgia offended by the controversial message told her mother about it, WDRW-TV reported. The student said her teacher put up a picture of the Confederate flag on the classroom’s board with text which read “A sticker you put on the back of your pickup truck to announce that you intend to marry your sister. Think of it like a white trash ‘Save the Date’ card.”

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  1. Joe Hill says:

    My great, great, grandfather was James Monroe Hill, Grandbury’s Brigade, Tenth Texas Infantry.
    That comment will not go well with the Daughters of the Confederacy!

    • SgtBob says:

      My wife’s great-great grandfather, from Parker County, also was in the 10th Texas. He enlisted in early 1862 and died that September Little Rock. Hundreds of soldiers died that fall and winter from upper respiratory problems.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Oh please, for the love of all things holy….. sue the ever loving shit out of that school district and take the teacher to civil court, too.

  3. Rayvet says:

    This teacher needs to have a “visit” by local community supporters of that flag and what it REALLY represents. Maybe they can persuade her to “think” differently. If not, maybe they could persuade her to move so she can live among people “more like” her. There’s a lot of things a community can do to run someone out of town without violating any laws and still being “ethical”.

  4. fjord says:

    Those that can’t do… teach.

  5. Unclezip says:

    “Administrative leave”. A paid vacation instead of being forced out for propagandizing the children.

    Oh – wait.

  6. censusdesignatedplace says:

    It’s not sister, it’s cousin. Sheesh, this bint is even too dumb to be a decent bigot.

  7. LargeMarge says:

    After posting her comment in the government school, the instructor is “…unavailable for comment…”.


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