I wonder how much pollution the fire spewed into the air

It was just days ago that we reported that the NHTSA was opening an inquiry into the use of Tesla’s “Smart Summon” feature. Then, just hours ago we followed up by reporting that a petition had been filed with the NHTSA claiming that Tesla was using over the air software updates to cover up dangerous battery issues.

Today, we offer a stark reminder that just because the NHTSA has started to perk up its ears, doesn’t mean that Teslas haven’t stopped going up in flames all over the world. The most recent example comes from Austria, where after a Tesla was involved in an accident and caught fire, firefighters had to use a special container to transport the remains of the vehicle and the battery.

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5 Responses to I wonder how much pollution the fire spewed into the air

  1. John h says:

    Yeah they’re good for the environment all right !! It’s all bullshit
    John h

  2. 11,000 liters of water required to extinguish the fire and cool the battery, typical Firetruck carries 2,000 liters… with spillage I make that six firetrucks or one tanker truck on speed dial and outfitted with lights and sirens.

  3. Bear says:

    Almost as much as the construction did.

  4. Ed says:

    Who cares? I’m pretty sure there was no more pollution then any carbecue on the side of the road.The powers that be, can’t stand Musk. Therefore, I like him.

    • Nemo says:

      Musk is a con man and would be nowhere without taxpayer subsidized government handouts (payments) for all of his businesses since Paypal. The carbon neutral story of his matchbox car is beyond the pale. Anyone who thinks that a Tesla is carbon neutral isn’t, well I’ll be kind, thinking it through.

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