Just checking her heart rate

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  1. Rayvet says:

    How come he gets away with it and when I try that, I get slapped. When my daughter was younger, we made a lot of trips to Disney. I always found myself attracted to Pocahontas. One year they had the real deal. This girl was dark complexioned, natural, long black hair and built like a brick shit house. My wife got really uncomfortable with the number of pictures I took of her. Both with and without my daughter. Security never came, so I guess I was ok.

  2. LargeMarge says:

    Hey. We don’t know.
    Maybe she requested somebody hold her freshly-braided braid until she can get a rubber-band.
    Or something.
    This is probably perfectly-innocent.
    And I think the young lady putting her braids right in front of her boobs is innocent, two.
    I meant ‘too’.

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