No thanks, I’ll stick to Kentucky corn whiskey

Whisky (or whiskey if you’re Irish or American) has a 1,000-year long history. According to legend, Irish monks travelling to Mediterranean countries encountered the fundamentals of distilling and introduced the technique on their return. The Irish and Scots have both staked claim to whisky’s origins, but certainly the Scots were the first to produce it in large volumes from the 19th century onwards.

Distillation techniques have been taken up around the world, famously in the US and Japan. But now Taiwan is making its mark on the industry. Having only started producing whisky this century, the small island is making millions of bottles and scooping up top industry awards.

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24 Responses to No thanks, I’ll stick to Kentucky corn whiskey

  1. Nemo says:

    Johnny Walker Black or Gentleman Jack. There are no substitutes.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Try Maker’s Mark. I’ll take that over Jack Daniel’s any day.

      • Craig says:

        Good lord, you two need to explore more. Try Four Roses single barrel or Angels Envy. If you want to keep the cost down try Buffalo Trace.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Actually, Alemaster bought me a bottle of 4 Roses and I’ll admit it was pretty damned good.

        • A.C. says:

          I thought Maker’s Mark was excellent until I tasted 1792 and Buffalo Trace. Don’t be afraid to try new distilleries. Each step up is another share of heaven.

        • WestcoastDeplorable says:

          I’ve gone through a couple of Buffalo Trace and can vouch for it; sorta like a cross between Jack Black and Jim Beam..a quality product at a discount price.

      • WestcoastDeplorable says:

        I went to the MM distilery once; it’s made in a dry county where you can’t even buy beer or wine. At least that was the deal when I visited. Jim Beam has an easy-to-get-to operation just outside Bardstown, KY.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Jack Daniels is in a dry county too. At least it was back in the 80s – when I was in the army I thought about trying to get on there after I was discharged but when I heard it was in a dry county I said Fuck that shit.

  2. Daryl says:

    Makers Mark is good, but when it’s just me and myself it will be Knob Creek.

    • MadMarlin says:

      I’ve tasted Knob Creek and it’s ok. What I can’t seem to do is stop my mind from associating the name and an image of Ned Beatty running around in his underwear squealing like a pig.

    • The Real Kurt says:

      Single Barrel Reserve, thank you very much, but their regular release is damned fine.

      OTOH, if I’m looking for Scotch, it’s Lagavulin, 16yr.

      The Real Kurt

    • Bright Eyes says:

      Knob Creek, Single barrel,120 proof, aged 9 years. Mighty fine bourbon.

  3. nonncom says:

    J&B Scotch…..prefer it over all the others….cheap and smooth….

    • AlphaDelta says:

      Aye… good for cutting with ice and water on bowling night when America use to be able to smoke in public or, cleaning boots.

      Highland single malt… The Balvenie 15 year, Aberlour 12 year. Both wonderful mid-price sippers.

      Tho, if the mission is just getting fucked up, yah, Justerini & Brooks Rare it is.

      Anything but Dewar’s perfume blended dumbfuckery.

  4. Antibubba says:

    Japanese whiskey is a wonder. Nikka, if you can find it.

  5. Bright Eyes says:

    Shine straight from the Buffalo Gap at the foothills of the Blue Ridge in Nelson by gosh Co. Va. fer me. it’s the spring water coming outta those mountains that make it. Where they get the water in Taiwan, rice paddies? Mamason an water buffalo shit? Why ya think Mamason keeps one pant leg rolled up? Shit in the paddy and keep right on working.

    • Bright Eyes says:

      That should have read Rockfish Gap. Buffalo Gap is in the Shenandoah. Damn old age, it couldn’t be the whisky.

  6. =TW= says:

    I used to drink Daniel’s, lots of it. Until I discovered Evan Williams which is now my everyday Bourbon. In a pinch, I’ll buy Beam Black Label or Ezra Brooks.
    On hand I also have Bulleit, Clyde Mays, Dickel Barrel Select, and some breathtaking Makers Mark Cask Strength. These are shared only with discerning friends.
    Years ago, my Uncle in North Carolina gave me a mason jar full of authentic white corn. (RIP, Archie.) It’s down about two inches now.
    I like a decent Single Malt on occasion. There is usually some Glenfiddich and/or Glenforres in the cabinet. For blended Scotch I find Grant’s is acceptable.

  7. enn ess says:

    Bout 15 year ago, I visited frequently an Irish bar that bragged about having every whiskey known to man, and they had a wall full of em. I can attest I tried every single one of em (It took a few years) even the ones that ended up tasting like it was poured from a worn out 20 year old boot that had been soaking in 6 month old dirty sock water just pulled from a soak in the local Peet bogg.
    Surprisingly I still remember, ( I think) and for my tastes, as each one of you have a different one, I prefer Jameson, Tullamore Dew, or Balvenie (when feeling flush). But the best of all is the home brew Rye. A hassle to make but it sure beats going to town or relying on others for your phryd-eh nite special…..

  8. nwoldude says:

    Forget the whiskey.
    Go straight for the Everclear.

  9. chutes magoo says:

    Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky is my preferred poison.

  10. Dano says:

    Asian hootch…Will I be sober again in 15 minutes?

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