Yeah, good luck with that

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) stated on Tuesday that House Democrats were discussing behind closed doors how to arrest the members of President Donald Trump’s administration who did not comply with congressional subpoenas.

“Let me tell you, this is pretty — and this is the last caucus conversation we had. Do you know this is really unprecedented? This is the worst time we’ve ever had a situation like this,” Tlaib said during a town hall meeting. “So they’re trying to figure out — no joke — they’re trying to figure out, ‘Well, is it the D.C. police that goes and gets them?’ No, no.”


You’d think that a person in her position would not only understand the proper procedure for that, but also the ramifications if she tried.

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8 Responses to Yeah, good luck with that

  1. Exile1981 says:

    As her own party pointed out during the obama era that if congress demands someone testify and they refuse…. like say eric holder. Then at worst congress can hold them in contempt, they can’t arrest them.

    Or are the democrats changing their stance to suit their wims again?

    I’m pretty sure since congress has not followed the law in as far as impeachment goes, that any attempt to arrest Trump supporters for failing to comply with an illegal order to appear should be seen as the democrats attempting a coup.

  2. nonncom says:

    It’ll just wind up in court until after the election, which is what Trump’s team is aiming for….you have to break an established law before you can be arrested or detained….so far, they haven’t proven anything….until the house holds a vote on impeachment investigation, all bets are off….pelosi wants to avoid a vote like the plague, because then shit gets real, and she doesn’t want that….it’s all got to remain a facade leading into the election…..otherwise, her precious red state dems just might lose….

    • TwoDogs says:

      Stop that … shit. It’s fucking annoying. My son does it and I don’t know why, and it’s still fucking annoying. So stop it, idiot.

  3. Bobo the Hobo says:

    Yeah, keep poking that bear

  4. SgtBob says:

    Just a what if. The Democrats get some warrant servers to go to the White House. WH guards say, “No way.” Servers get inside anyway. Secret Service will open fire as soon as the warrant servers are in range.

  5. TwoDogs says:

    HaHaHaHaHa. What’s the Greek for “Come and take me” bitch ?

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