A Grunt’s Story

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  1. Donnie says:

    One of the truest tellings I’ve ever heard of one mans’ experience of Vietnam. Told with humor, irony, humor, sorrow, horror. I’m glad this man stepped up to lay bare his memories in a fully honest way. God Bless Him. How did no one ever tell of 12 men getting their heads split open, unto death, with axes on a U.S. Navy ship? First I ever heard tell of that.

  2. Xlr8tr says:

    Great interview Kenny. Know 40 or so guys like that. Those were the guys that trained me in late 70’s. Thanks for sharing that, Semper Fi.

  3. MarSsgtRet says:

    Semper fi big brother and welcome home

  4. Rooster says:

    Great vid!

  5. Tim in AK says:

    Great video. I watched it in its entirety.
    I’m wondering if you ever watch any of Jocko Willink’s video interviews on his ‘Jocko Podcast’?

    He has a variety of people on the podcast, including many Vietnam combat vets.
    His latest one is a man who was in SOG that I am part way through.

  6. MMinLamesa says:

    That was riveting. Thank you WC.

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