And I’ll leave you with this:

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18 Responses to And I’ll leave you with this:

  1. rob says:


    I was young in the ’70s. You guys missed out.

  2. wildbill says:

    I guess women are different, but it would drive me up a wall with something up the crack of my ass like those gals are wearing.

    • joe says:

      We all here are happy to hear that. If you were to have said otherwise, well, maybe this isn’t the best place for you to be….

  3. skipperdaddy says:

    She gonna get chiggers

    • Bright Eyes says:

      I aint been in the land of chiggers in four years but reading your post I could feel em crawling on my skin. I almost ran fer the shower. Only thing I found that helped was a benadryl spray.

  4. Bad_Brad says:

    Numero uno. Well yea, that’s the spot. Perfect.

  5. Bright Eyes says:

    Has the first one got her ass in poison ivy?

    • fjord says:

      It looks like rose bushes.

      Bushes. get it? heh.

      The third one is standing in my arch enemy: goldenrod. That shit gets my allergies going.

  6. Nemo says:

    Sweet Cheeks!!!

  7. What a fine line-up of FINE A…. BUTTS

  8. crazyeighter says:

    I’d be happy to check #3 for ticks.

  9. c-90 says:

    It’s a visual representation of a slow firing internal combustion engine….Butt, butt, butt….

  10. SWRichmond says:

    Definitely #2, but instead of a purse she should have a blanket and a picnic basket with a wine bottle sticking out.

    • skipperdaddy says:

      I looked at that pic 4 x and never saw a purse until you mentioned it lol

      • Matthew says:

        I’m with you SWR, #2 without question. Though she’s got some nerve getting anywhere near that close to a church lookin’ like that! Probably a few inside gazing out questioning their vows.

      • Kid says:

        I never saw the church until Matthew (below) mentioned it.

  11. Steve says:

    All 3 are outstanding. I’m partial to #2. Number 1 has a butt that sticks out like the trunk of a ’65 Mustang. Yum.

  12. Sanders says:

    My first wife looked like #1’s from behind. You know that saying that, “No matter how good they look, some man somewhere is tired of her shit.”? Yeah, that was me.

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