And they won’t do a shittin’ thing about it

California is home to nearly 700 high hazard dams. A two-year investigation by the Associated Press found that 1,680 high hazard dams across the U.S. are in poor and unsatisfactory condition. Some are in California.

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4 Responses to And they won’t do a shittin’ thing about it

  1. Utter Moron says:

    Luckily they do not have earth quakes.

    So me worry?

    But then I am not Californion subject.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Repair crumbling dams? The Democrat politicians have higher priorities on their bucket-list like banning firearms.

  3. nines says:

    We don’t budget for boring shit like infrastructure. Daddy [you] will deal with it.

  4. fkul says:

    It’s not just the libtwits, is a West Coast cancer. Anytime a state or local govt or group tries to rehab these dams, American Rivers files lawsuit after lawsuit stopping maintenance and repair efforts.

    CA used to have several thousand small dams (some of these dams are only a couple of feet deep, most built by much wiser people in the late 1800s and early 1900s), which not only stored water for droughts, but helped keep the humidity high year-round, preventing the current wildfire problem.

    American Rivers had a lot of them removed for “environmental” reasons, not only killing a lot of the local wildlife that existed at the dams, but put a lot of lives at risk. They’ve got endless funds for lawsuits, not only from naive city dwellers, but also from overseas NGOs who are more than happy to watch America burn.

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