Beer run

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  1. Bright Eyes says:

    Wonder if he has a Staph infection?

  2. Dano says:

    He should have put it in his IV drip.

    • Bright Eyes says:

      Ya know I knew a guy the shot up Kentucky Gentleman. He arrived at the Emergency Room DOA. They revived him. Big ol boy played football in college. He came out of that and has been sober, drug free every since.

  3. John h says:

    It’s probably a subclavian vent for chemo Or it could be for a bone marrow infection. They sometimes require the antibiotics to be infused in quantiles no available by pill or IM injection. Just had a friend go thru that last yr. a total pain. He’s a boat mechanic(fresh water) but doc said dont get near lake water or work. That all i can add. Where’s Aesop when we need a comment?? Lol
    John h

  4. Mike_C says:

    Heh. Hardly the worst thing I (or Aesop, or Cederq, etc) have seen.

    What I really liked was the people post-laryngectomy (where you end up breathing through a surgical hole in your throat) and on bottled oxygen, sitting outside the hospital smoking by puffing through the laryngectomy hole — and holding the lit cigarette right next to the oxygen cannula. Must be terrible to have such an addiction.

    And before someone goes all postal on me about smoking. Two things:

    First, it’s a dreadful, filthy habit that is definitely linked to excess heart-and-vascular disease, cancer, and mortality. I don’t give a shit about some dude who lived to 103 smoking 4 ppd. He’s a mutant, and a lucky mutant at that.

    Second, I get that adults have the right to make their own choices. Not crazy about paying for their bad choices though. That said, during my training I had a patient who had some weird (no one could figure out exactly how/why) progressive paralysis. He was already unable to move his lower body, had minimal use of his left hand, and was losing use of the right. Also he was impoverished and had no family. He was pretty smart, and knew that his future was to die of bedsores due to neglect in a VA hospital somewhere. Anyway, his only remaining pleasure in life was smoking. Some asshole put him on a smoking cessation program. He hit the roof, appropriately in my opinion. I was supposed to talk him down and convince him to go along with the smoking cessation. Instead I bought him Marlboros and took him outside to the smoking area when I had the time. Gotta keep things in perspective.

    • Scarecrow says:

      Nothing is ever simple.

    • Butch says:

      You can hold an open flame to Oxygen. And all that will happen is the fuel (matchstick, cigarette, whatever) will just burn brighter. Oxygen is part of the fire triangle, true, but it does not burn on it’s own. Oxygen is not a fuel.

    • Bright Eyes says:

      I feel the same way about the obesity epidemic in the USA. Keeping my premiums at an all time high. Also, yer a good person. I’d a done the same with that patient.

    • Rayvet says:

      Hey Mike,
      I don’t smoke…………………but…………………Smoking is at an all time low in this society. Any changes in Lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, every other damn thing the medical community would like to blame on smoking? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Life expectancy exponentially increased in this country and yet we still had a vast majority of the people in that society smoking. Don’t believe everything you read, hear etc. especially when the government has their dirty little fingers in it. My moms been a 2 pack a day smoker since before I was born and at 75, she’s still chugging along quite nicely. Sure, some people are affected adversely by it, but let’s not treat the cravings as some sort of bubonic plague. Cause it ain’t.

  5. crazyeighter says:

    I can understand that; I was a serious smoker for twenty years.
    Then I quit ’em in May of ’91 when I went to Sandy Eggo for Instructor School.
    Wife had been after my ass to quit for at least fifteen years.
    I quit.
    She divorced my ass.

    Not sayin’ there’s a connection…

  6. Mike-SMO says:

    A good laugh. There was a corner bar/restaurant about two blocks from the hospital where I worked. It was a good lunch place. In the evening, when someone came in with a patient ID band, and often even an IV stand, they’d serve the “patient” and call the Security Office for a pickup. “Eloping” patients were routine. Must have been the “healthy” food.

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