Biting the hand that feeds you

CLEARCREEK TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A woman was found dead inside an Ohio home, apparently mauled to death by her own dogs, investigators said.

The body of Mary Matthews, 49, was found in her home in the 7400 block of Waterway Drive in Clearcreek Township around 2:30 p.m. Friday, according to an incident report released Monday.


Man, if you don’t have the size and strength to handle a large dog, don’t get one.
CharlieGodammit was a challenge for me. He was about 2 when I got him and was feral, so he was used to being his own boss and we butted heads several times. He finally got the message, but he’s bloodied me more than once in the process.

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  1. nonncom says:

    I feel bad for the guy, but he shoulda’ taken the bull by the horns and done what he knew needed to be done before the tragedy occurred….she might’ve been pissed at him for a while, but she’d still be here….

  2. Sanders says:

    I put down my Catahoula when she got aggressive against anyone who wasn’t me or my wife. That included our daughter – the dog would start growling and barking at her when she came out of her bedroom and was just walking down the hallway. When that happened, I knew it was time. It was a very sad day for me, because that dog and I were buddies, but I just couldn’t risk her attacking someone who lived in the house.

    • Bright Eyes says:

      Absolutely. You had no choice and I salute you for making a very tough decision.

    • snuffy says:

      There are usually other options. Purebred dogs are not really difficult to adopt out. Maybe she would have been ok with a family without children. Putting a dog down should be an absolute last resort. I’d bet there are breed specific rescues for every breed. The good ones evaluate every rescue before placing them in a new home where their temperament fits in. I really believe that for every dog, there is matching forever home. Finding it just takes a bit of work sometimes.

  3. snuffy says:

    In this case, she was a drunk and the guy was in jail for something. I’d wager that these dogs were, at a minimum, neglected, and more likely, abused. Dogs don’t just suddenly become vicious overnight, or for no reason, especially Danes. Danes aren’t known as the gentle giants for nothing.

    • Rickvid in Seattle says:

      Gotta wonder, Snuff. Any dog can go mean, I guess, but they are more often turned mean. Who knows what happened in this instance. Tragic all around.

  4. Sarthurk says:

    I had a 100lb. Harlequin Dane/Black lab, German Shepard/ Aussie mix, and he was the sweetest dog I ever owned, but he was a good watch dog, partly because he had The great Dane sound, and even though one would think he was dead asleep, anything, and I tested it, got him alert. He’s responsible for six arrests by alerting me. When we lived in that little neighborhood, there was little crime. The renters who moved in when we bought our own home in the country, said there was suddenly a crime wave in the hood. They bought a big dog, and shit got better. My big boy also was aggressively defensive of himself when some other dog attacked, but not a person.
    I have a Dachshund that has bitten me twice, and drawn blood. The little bastard think he owns the County. He’ll run out on the deck and bark at a 200 foot trawler going up the bay, 350 meters away. I know better to stay away from his food now.

    Both of my Brother and Sister Golden’s were the happiest dogs in the world and loved everybody, but one day while camping on Wickiup reservoir, a fisherman approached me while my female was about 50 yards away, and suddenly she ran up between us and I thought she was going to attack him. She was aggressively barking like I never saw before. I was shocked. as she ran right up in his face. She never touched him, and grabbed her by the collar, and scolded her, healed her back to the camp site.. . ; sort of, and put her on the tie out cable. Meanwhile, big brother Golden is swimming a quarter mile across the Deschutes arm of the lake to say Hi to people over there. He swam back to camp eventually. He was born and lived along the Siletz river for awhile, and that whole family of silly Goldens loved to swim. The female, Kadee, would water retrieve until she drown, if I let her. Sonny chased ducks. One day, I was taking the two on a walk around the LNG tank by the bay, and Sunny suddenly spied a surf Scoter swimming around not far from the waters edge. Before I knew it he was in the bay after it. It might have been molting and couldn’t fly. That time of year. Anyway, it kept diving to avoid the dog, but he eventually caught it, Much to my scolding (while at the same time realizing he was just doing what he was bred for), So I’m at the water’s edge, and he swims up to me, drops the duck at my feet, and heels. WUT? Maybe I need to be trained. I grabbed his collar, and the duck happily jumped back in the bay and swam away. This dog has had ZERO official training of any kind. Not even obedience. Supposedly these dogs were second generation offspring of a field champion.
    But you didn’t want to hear any of that, did you?

    Cheers, Sarthurk
    P.S. Watching lots of cool new ROV video of Heceta Banks, out 40 miles off the OR coast, out to 900 feet deep.. Different stuff than I’m used to seeing closer to shore.
    That’s what I do. Doesn’t pay worth shit but, the bennies are OK, and I like marine biology.

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