Buy Once, Cry Once

USA – -( You can’t travel a gun forum without hearing, “buy once, cry once” at some point. There was a long time that I didn’t actually understand what the hell that even meant in a true sense. In fact, it often irritated me, as it was the default post response to any question about what a person should or shouldn’t buy.

But, as much as I hate handing over the internet in all its splendor to the keyboard commandos, and conceding the defeat of all that is righteous in the cyber world, those guys are typically right. It doesn’t matter that they posted that from shear spite after they punched a hole in their grandma’s basement wall when that little nugget was dropped on them, they’re still right.

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2 Responses to Buy Once, Cry Once

  1. crazyeighter says:

    As my old Tennessee Granddad said, “When it comes to guns, tools, tires or footwear, the best you can get is barely good enough.”

  2. arc says:

    I factor in what the items purpose is, how hard it will be used, and how often I intend to use it, into the amount I think is worth spending on it. Educated purchases are better than throwing money at brand name gear. I skimp on non-critical stuff that is used once and tossed and I go expensive on critical stuff that I routinely use. I rarely have any issues with this philosophy. A good example is drill bits, I use them all the time, so I get the two pack of nice bits that will outlast the five pack of soft China steel which rounds off very quickly. The China bits are only fit for common screwdrivers.

    I don’t do a whole lot of shooting and a Chinese bipod works great for me. It handles plinking, deer popping, etc. That’s not to say its going to work for someone else who’s job is competition shooting or sorting people out in conflict zones, where life and pay depend on something lasting through abuse for at least a year. Likewise my knockoff $20 laser sight holds zero on my pistol and serves its purpose, shooting pest animals at night, but for wartime use I would get something high quality.

    I can justify shelling out exorbitant amounts of money, most of which is for the boutique brand name rather than manufacturing costs, IF, its going to be put through harsh treatment and routinely serve a critical use.

    Never go cheap on optics or triggers! If you must go cheap, get some good, no-fuss, iron sights.

    Don’t knock the whole “It works for me!” thing, because for most people, the knockoff or the low end residential unit, is more than adequate. Get the product that is designed for your intended use, it works for me.

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