Charlie’s home

My vet called me at 9:30 this morning to let me know Charlie was ready to come home and I picked up his ashes an hour later as we were headed into Portland to see my in-laws.
I swear, it was harder on me picking him up than it was dropping him off.

But he’s home now, sitting up on the mantle and probably expecting a rawhide bone.

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  1. Pointy End Out says:

    Be at peace,
    He’s near you still.

  2. John h says:

    Welcome home Charlie. Rest easy now. You to Kenny.
    John h.

  3. Kid says:

    I sure pray we are able to meet up with them again in some afterlife.

  4. Frank says:

    I don’t know but have been told that god don’t put more on us than we can take. I do know that this to shall pass..I’ll keep you in my prayers

  5. kimh81 says:

    so give him one

  6. Ken M says:

    What a great way to honor your friend. Condolences

  7. DAOF says:

    WC- Im so sorry to read of your loss, CGD was a good dog and all dogs go to heaven. I received this poem when my little buddy was cremated after he was struck down at four with leukemia. Keep on trucking brother.

    We have a secret, you and I

    that no one else shall know,

    for who but I can see you lie

    each night in fire glow?

    And who but I can reach my hand

    before we go to bed

    and feel the living warmth of you

    and touch your silken head?

    And only I walk woodland paths

    and see ahead of me,

    your small form racing with the wind

    so young again, and free.

    And only I can see you swim

    in every brook I pass

    and when I call, no one but I

    can see the bending grass.

    Author Unknown

    Dont cry because it’s over,
    Smile because it happened.
    -Dr. Seuss

  8. sunny says:

    Kenny, I just don’t know what to say except hang in there. Charlie came to life to us through your writing about him. I feel as if I knew him but wish I could have given him a hug or two IRL.
    You are and were a good “daddy” to Charlie.

    I know your heart will miss him for a long time. (we are still crying most every day over our wonderful Sweet Tater who passed in 2016) It does get better but missing him won’t go away.

    You and Lisa have my hugs and my prayers.

    Rest easy Charlie.


  9. R Durand says:

    The ashes thing I haven’t done, but there’s 5 collars on the mantle. It ain’t easy. (in Portland myself by the way).

    • Elmo says:

      I have a small collection of collars with dog tags too. It soothes my soul just to touch them… and remember.

      • mygirlp says:

        At least he went quick. My black lab was bitten by a rattlesnake and despite all the vet care he died three days later. Not a pleasant way to go. I’ve rescued animals all my life, many. many and they were all great and I grieved when they went and then some time passed and another little starvling would show up. You were a very kind and good ‘owner’ and Charlie was lucky to have you for the time that you were together.

  10. Frank says:

    I love this quote. Says it all.

    If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” ― Will Rogers

    I know it’s hard Kenny but you will make it through this.

  11. riverrider says:

    saw the 600 posts, decided not to compete. we went thru this a couple months ago with our beloved gsd Rusty. I cried more that week than when my mother died. take care brother. the blog will still be here when you get back to it.

  12. =T. Wrangler= says:

    HC #1, my devoted companion for over eighteen years, died peacefully in my arms. That was about ten years ago and I still get choked up sometimes. (Like right now.)
    After a suitable interval I adopted another, that went a long way toward filling the emptiness and numbing the pain.

  13. John Moran says:

    I’m glad to hear he’s back home. You’ll see him again when your time comes.

  14. OC says:

    I’ve always said that God loves dogs, cuz he don’t let us have them very long here on earth.
    Rest easy CGD and peace to Kenny and Lisa.


  15. Jason says:

    Currently I have three dogs, two of which (black lab and white husky-which would give CGD a run for his money on shedding) are around the 10 year age. The previous dog (cocker-black lab mix) I had was when I lived with my parents while going through college and left her there when I moved. My father always complained about that dog. When she passed my mother had her cremated and for the first three months she would catch my father watching TV with the urn next to him. When she would ask him he would say he was watching TV with GIzmo.

    I am not sure that there is a point to this story but I would not be surprised if Miss Lisa walks in some day to find you reading to him or sitting with you. Welcome home Charlie, and my thoughts and prayers to the four of you.

  16. Greg says:

    We have graves with stones marking our dogs. Put a rawhide with him
    This is what I did.

    Peace be with you

  17. Mad Jack says:

    I can’t think of a thing to say that will help you. Charlie’s in Heaven. When you get to Heaven, he’ll be right there to greet you.

  18. Oregon Rambler says:

    My dog he turned to me and he said…let’s get back to Tennessee, Jed ❤

  19. Firehand says:

    Been there.

    There are really no words.

  20. JB says:

    I kept all my dog’s collars too. Panama’s is a piece’a tow chain held together with a bolt, only collar he couldn’t break. Only dog that was ever MY dog. 100% mine. All the ones I had before were just dogs somehow, ‘cept the one’s we had as kids of course, but Panama would do anything for me, smartest damn dog I ever knew, he could, I’m convinced, read my mind. He was 7 when I met my wife, she tried to spoil him, but when I was gone on a job for 2-3 days, he wouldn’t eat unless she hand fed him. He thought he had to be attached to my hip all the time. Had to put him down in 2001 at the ripe old age of 15. I gotta have faith we’ll meet again in the Great Unknown. I still miss him, but man, I got some hellacious memories of the big bastard.
    So I know how ya feel, it’ll pass. Ya get to the point where ya smile when ya think of him and the hurt eases. Hang in there.
    And maybe that’s why Jack came into yer life, the Lord knew you’d need him cause a man can’t talk to anybody about this kind’a shit like he can his dog.

  21. S L says:

    He’s home, where he should be.

    We are their immortals,
    They are our love, hope and sorrow,
    Always and forever,
    Good boys and girls.

  22. Pittsburgher says:

    Is it fucked up that I wanted to bust out crying when reading this post? I think not. Charlie was a big part of this blog, which in turn was a big part of the readers. Again Kenny, my deepest condolences.

  23. Condolences. Just went through this with my girlfriend, it took 72 hours for her to reverse her “This is my last cat” declaration and start going online to look for kittens. What made her initially reluctant to go around again; at our ages it’s possible that the cat could outlive her.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I worry about my dogs outliving me. I couldn’t imagine one of my animals being put down because there’s nobody to take it in after I die.

      • Roger.45 says:

        That was my same concern before my Lab died, Kenny. Charlie was a good dog.

      • geoffcsaltine says:

        How did you get Jack?
        Who is taking care of him now.

        • Wirecutter says:

          As you may recall from the story of how I got him, I called the pound to come get him, but it had been closed down by the county because of shitty conditions. He escaped by the hair of his chinny chin chin.

  24. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    He’s in another dimension now, where there’s endless rawhide chews and plenty of rabbits to chase. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t visit you in a dream, my black Cocker Spaniel boy Midnight used to visit me when I lost him to a reckless neighbor driver.

  25. Sorry to hear about Charlie, good friends like that are hard to find….

  26. drjim says:

    Rest in Peace, CGD! You’re in good hands now…..

  27. Craig says:

    A place of honor for an honorable pooch. Brushing away a tear cuz our pets are very dear.

  28. Dano says:

    Charlie is smiling, right now, Mr. Lane.

  29. James says:

    I saw this the other day, it applies to dogs too I think. ” The best legacy is how much you are missed” Thanks for sharing him with all of us..

  30. capner says:

    I do not understand any of this. I guess being raised on a farm gave me a much different outlook on animals.

  31. MAJack says:

    Take heart that almost all dogs go to heaven. The rest of us? We shall see. My sincere condolences.

  32. Kid says:

    One Last comment… One of our cats – Little Bear – incredibly social, loved playing and for me to mess with him… After he passed, quickly btw and spent his last moments with me and his friends..

    When I thought of him instantly after his passing and ever since, it was like he was sending me a message that was “I’m Ok Bob. I’m Ok”. He was the kind of cat that Would be OK. Some comfort there. I didn’t get that message from all of them so it was special. But I do think they are all Ok.

  33. Madmax110 says:

    I feel your pain and loss. I thought I was tough until I had to take my dog home and bury him after 16 years. Cried like a baby.

  34. Mike Donathan says:

    It’s just a tough thing to go through. I’m 70 years old and I’ve had dogs all my life. That means I’ve lost a lot of dogs. You would think it would get easier but I swear it’s tougher each time. The last was an 8 year old doberman that was fine one minute and dead the next. An aneurysm or something. Been two years and still breaks my heart when I think of it. Makes me hope there really is a rainbow bridge. As someone said to me: May your pain ease to comfort.

  35. Kafiroon says:

    Kenny: You will remember him every time you go to the shed and look to see you do not step in Charlies present he would leave for you.

    Petted the daughters two Mals. and let them run a time longer today. Sympathy rubbing off on me.

  36. Rich in NC says:

    Rest in Peace, Charlie.
    As a memorial, I’m wearing my BMD Moose’s Collar as a hatband and My Honey has our BMD Bristow’s collar as a hatband. We’ve 5 cremation boxes on display with pictures of our pups when they were young and healthy. Dogs are amazing companions. Charlie GD was quite a special one that we, your readers, got to shared from your writing.
    Thank You.

  37. AbbyS says:

    Kenny, again, you have my condolences. CGD was blessed to have you, then Miss Lisa in his life. Our lives have been made all the richer for what you’ve shared with us over the years. I do hope you will write that book some day. Maybe not about you, but rather about your life with Charlie. I know I’d buy the 1st copy.

  38. Very sorry to hear about Charlie GD. Animals are members of the family. Even the bitey, growly, stinky ones. They live a short time with us on earth…but we carry them in our hearts. Got a 15 YO Aussie Cattle Dog that can barely hear or see. I know that his end isn’t far away. The best we can do for them is love them every chance we get. Condolences & blessings on you.

  39. Nori says:

    Lost the best dog I ever had 2 yrs ago.
    Charlie GD’s passing reminds me how much it hurts.

    He’ll never leave you,Wirecutter. You’re blessed.

  40. MadMarlin says:

    Damn man, he’s been a part of Knuckledraggin for so long I was crying. My heart and prayers go out to you.

  41. geoffcsaltine says:

    Charlie has not left you and he never will.

  42. Buzz D. says:

    Ken, I am glad he is home. It was a great home for Charlie. He had a great Mom and Dad (human) for many years. He still does.

  43. turnkey says:

    Sorry for your loss, Kenny.

  44. Lofty says:

    If there is a place where our old mates go, take some small solace that CGD is frolicking with all the dogs mentioned here over the last few days, including my darling old friend Jess., and there are Angels tasked with making sure tucker and food is correctly delivered, with a pat and a good old belly rub.

  45. MartinFromGermany says:

    Daß mir der Hund das Liebste sei,
    sagst du, o Mensch, sei Sünde?
    Der Hund blieb mir im Sturme treu,
    der Mensch nicht mal im Winde.
    St. Francis of Assisi

    (rough translation:
    O Man, you are calling it a Sin
    that I love the Dog above everything?
    The Dog stayed true to me during the Storm,
    while Man didn’t stay with me even in the Wind)

  46. John Deaux says:

    Don’t forget his ass scratches.

  47. Deb says:

    CGD has reached the final chapter in his life, a life both he and his owner are grateful for, each in their own way. With each dog that passes through our life, we lose a bit of our heart, and isn’t it worth it?

  48. DCE says:

    Kenny, I know what you mean by it being harder picking him up than dropping him off. I had the same reaction after we lost our Maine Coon this past spring. Sat in my truck in the parking lot for almost 20 minutes before I was able drive her home.

  49. Mike Clarke Madison NJ says:

    I was trembling for an hour. We’re gonna spread Gavin’s ashes next week when my kids come home

  50. Grog says:

    I was going to type a rude comment to capner who was raised on a farm, but Dave’s reply cut him down better than my comment would have.

    My regrets, again, Kenny, but he is home, and he had a good life with you.

  51. Yinzer says:

    It is so hard to lose a pet that you loved and loved you back. Your new normal will take some time getting used to without your beloved CharleGD. Much love to you and MissLisa.

  52. James says:

    Well,give him a bone and let him read the comments from the last few days,he has a lot more friends then he realized(unless the guy was sneaking peaks at your computer which wouldn’t be surprising!),rest easy Charlie,will raise a beer to ya’s when done with some family business.

  53. Mamma Jude says:

    Awww Charlie, you were a good boy.

  54. coffeejoejava says:

    He is home….and waiting for you. Like the cartoon says when the dog asks the reaper if he was a good boy, the reaper replies “No, You were the best!”

  55. Macko says:

    RIP Charlie

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