Friday gifdump Part II


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15 Responses to Friday gifdump Part II

  1. Gryphon says:

    There must be Hundreds of accessories for Bobcat Loaders, but the Sandbagger has to be the strangest one I’ve seen (yet).

  2. rob says:

    What’s going on with #6?

    Also, #10: Yum.

    • Steve says:


      Heat metal to cherry or so, let it air-cool. Ductility increases, hardness decreases. Makes it so you can bend it further without cracking or breaking.

    • Lostokie says:

      Rob, how do you like your cat? I’ve found they’re especially good cut in bite sized pieces and used in stir fry. I have a great recipe that I got from the local Chinese restaurant.

  3. Dirty Dingus McGee says:

    #3. She’s lucky that kid caught the ball, saved her from getting her teeth knocked out.

    #5. Uhhh, I never thought to try it that way.

  4. joe says:

    Why didn’t I ever think about hammering my drill so it worked better!!!???

  5. Bandmeeting says:

    So, SuperCat is a thing. Got it.

  6. Wayne Wilson says:

    #2 , someone pissed off daddy .

    • gamachinist says:

      It was probably improperly imported into what ever country it was in. I’ve read about this in the past over in the sand lands.

      • Mick says:

        The number plate is from Britain – RO12ULF – if you mirror the image. It doesn’t turn up on a basic search. Perhaps the car has been confiscated under the “proceeds of crime” act, or for non-payment of road tax. There are other less official possibilities too. I’m not big on Ferrari, but what a waste.

        • Greg says:

          Might not even be a real. Ferrari, maybe just a kit car confiscated by cops that didn’t sell at auction.

  7. Jeremy says:

    #1 could sure learn a lesson from #8.

  8. #10, “Oh, yeah!!!”

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