Friday gifdump Part III











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11 Responses to Friday gifdump Part III

  1. chutes magoo says:

    #6 bad Joker impression.

  2. Harry Steele says:

    #1, I have seen a pump not shut off AND the nozzle stay open myself…. we had to use the emergency shutoff for the station to get it to stop….

    • pigpen51 says:

      In high school, I pumped gas for 20 hours a week, and we had the old manual pumps. They had a master switch, right out at the pumps, but also, each pump had a manual switch to turn them on and off. I often have wondered about the lack of an emergency shut off on the electronic pumps of today. And now they have even got televisions on the pumps here, with GSTV, or gas station television. So you can watch blurbs and advertisments while you pump your own gasoline.

      • SS says:

        I went yesterday to fill a gallon tank…the mo-fo stuck on and I spilled about a gallon before I could get it off. Told the girl at the register and got a very sincere “HUH????”. So I piled all their garbage cans and display signs in the puddle and made tracks. Didnt hear an explosion so guess all is OK. SHEESH. And that was just the start of a shitty day.

  3. crazyeighter says:

    #5. Okay, I’ll quit my fucking whining now.

  4. Bad_Brad says:

    #2 Instructor Zero. Fuck the French. Buy a gym membership loser.

  5. Lord of the Fleas says:

    #9 makes you want to do a U-turn and go hunting…

  6. Fairplayjeepguy says:

    I hope #6 hurt like hell.

  7. Butch says:

    #8 I don’t think I am alone about this… most men don’t give a fuck about makeup on women. Or fingernails. I could probably add a few more expensive habits we don’t give a fuck for, but lets stay with the makeup. I think most women apply makeup because sometime back in our history makeup (clay and mud) dealers brainwashed women that they needed to “look” better then other women to get a man (someone to breed them).

    Anyway, now days the truth is all lost. All us men want to think about is the pussy. Everything else is just fluff, add-ons, options. If the main part isn’t good or desirable..or even worse if it becomes unavailable, we will move on to find another source of pussy.

    I was in the fast check-out lane the other day and some POS fat-assed bitch was taking too long to pay. All five of us behind her started to take notice of what she was all about. She was maybe a late 50 year-old Mexican woman, fat, ugly, and probably stupid. She used three different cards that were denied. Then she pulls out her checkbook. Check won’t pass either. Meanwhile she is making a big display of some new nails. These claws are about an inch longer than the end of her fingers. They were painted like an off-white, so they weren’t garish like some women do. Anyway, I suppose she finally pulled out a credit card that would loan her the money to buy her groceries.

    I kinda loudly proclaimed that maybe she should have visited the grocery store before she blew $50 on ugly nails.

    Heads-up Girls! No man likes those nasty nails. And we sure as shit don’t think they are worth the money you squander on them. If you NEED to wear nails like that for your self-esteem, you need to move out of my house, find a good shrink and find a new way of supporting yourself.

    • nonncom says:

      According to a girl I dated before my wife, women dress and wear make up for other women, not for men….as my wife says of me today, she could ask me what other women were wearing at an event, and I wouldn’t have a clue anyway….hell, I probably won’t remember what she had on….

      • anonymous says:

        Definitely agree with women trying to impress other women. Just think of all the women would have if make-up was eliminated. Not to mention aggreavating their husbands – boyfriends.

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