Last week’s estimate of $200k was just a little low

What would you give to own this piece of history? How about $492,000? That’s how much an anonymous buyer paid at a recent auction for the rifle that was in the hands of Private John Simpson on June 17th, 1775 when he ignored an order to hold fire until he and his fellow militiamen saw the white of the eyes of British troops marching up Breed’s Hill. The .79 caliber gun had been passed down from Simpson to his son, and remained in the family for nearly 250 years before going up for sale.

And just to show you something about American values nowadays, there’s this to compare:

Two collectors said you’re the one that I want to Olivia Newton-John’s iconic “Grease” leather jacket and skintight pants at an auction Saturday in Beverly Hills.

Julien’s Auctions says the combined ensemble, which Newton-John’s character Sandy wears in the closing number of the 1978 film, fetched $405,700 total. The leather jacket sold for $243,200 and the pants, which Newton-John famously had to be sewn into, went for $162,500.

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2 Responses to Last week’s estimate of $200k was just a little low

  1. bob says:

    Do the pants still smell like Olivia’s taco? Maybe that’s why they went for so much.

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