Pete Townsend

I first heard this album when I was working at a permanent site on a field problem up near Heidelberg in late 1980 or early 1981 and was blown away by it. The guy who’s barracks room we were in put it on low volume but damn, I had him crank it up for me. The first 2 videos are my favorites, but the whole album is excellent.

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  1. Aurklarer says:

    Wondering why you posted this. Is he next to die?

  2. Stevie says:

    Pete made a great album with Ronnie Lane that is a forgotten gem. Check it out. He also was embroiled in a child porn thing, but it is vague and I can’t determine what really went down. All that said…Who are you…who who who who. Etc.

  3. Mike Clarke says:

    The Who were my favorite band until they came out with their umpteenth “greatest hits” album or their third “farewell tour.” Townsend is certainly a musical genius.

  4. Ohio Guy says:

    I remember White City, but don’t recall Empty Glass. Good lookin’ out, Ken.

  5. taminator013 says:

    Great stuff. I never heard any of it before. I am a fan of John Entwistle’s solo stuff, though. Heard it playing for the first time when I walked into a record store back in about 1971……..

  6. Mr. Bits says:

    I don’t remember the quote on the album cover exactly, but it was something like, “And lastly I’d like to thank the makers of Remy Martin VSOP Cognac for saving my life by making their product too expensive to purchase”.
    Still one of my favourite albums. I listened to it last weekend.
    Oklahoma OK

  7. Al_in_Ottawa says:

    I have that album and his next one “All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes”. My favourite track on that album is “The Sea Refuses No River”.

    Here’s a link to from a few years ago

  8. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    I was fortunate to see The Who at the LA Coliseum back in ’89 or so. Helluva band!

  9. BillDave says:


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