“Teens” – there’s that word again

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A brutal attack, a shooting outside of a school, and a stabbing next to the Inner Harbor- three violent attacks, and police say what they all have in common is that teenagers are involved.

The picture of a badly beaten 52-year-old man in the emergency room is circulating on social media. According to the police report, the attack happened last Tuesday night.

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14 Responses to “Teens” – there’s that word again

  1. wtfamisupposedtodoforausername says:

    Anyone know the ethnic make-up of the teens? Just Curious.

  2. Cavguy says:

    22LR BOTH

    • wtfamisupposedtodoforausername says:

      22LR BOTH

      What does that mean?

      • Butch says:

        I looked it up and the 22LR stands for 22 caliber Long Rifle, so I guess that is a cartridge to a gun.

        The “BOTH” is an acronym for “Back Of The Head”. Willywikia then states that all together some asshole needs to have a 22 bullet put into the back of their head.

        How’d I do?

  3. Bob says:

    Four “teens” near a Chick-Fil-A… Well we can pretty much assume two things, one being they’re not gay…

  4. WDS says:

    “Urban Yoots” FTFY

  5. Tom MacGyver says:

    Hint: If they don’t DESCRIBE the assailants…

  6. mrgarabaldi says:

    Durn Amish again…Must be Rumspringa

  7. SgtBob says:

    “Unacceptable,” the mayor says. Right. What is acceptable is Baltimore leadership (sarc.) does nothing but spew garbage. Sorry. We’re not supposed to mention Baltimore and garbage in the same sentence. That would be as racist as saying “black teens.” Looked at dispassionately, big city problems continue because big city people let them continue. But then, I’m one of those rural people, who, if I ever had any aim at success, would have moved and become pro-city.

  8. joe says:

    “You break it by going into those neighborhoods and provide job opportunities for them and that’s what we’re trying to do,” Young said.

    Job opportunities at Chick Fil A making 10 bucks an hour? Is that what he thinks is the answer is?

    • Butch says:

      Job opportunities for negros who don’t want to work, don’t know how to work, don’t know how to learn any skill and don’t have any skills, have an attitude about working, are taking drugs, and I could go on…there are no opportunities for animals like that and never will be. Most are super predators and will never be anything but that. They all should have had their heads held under water for 15 minutes when the were nine.

      The head shrinks knew about these kind of animals 25 years ago. There were articles written. Profiles were developed. The PTB knew what would happen when they youngins grew up. They were called “Super Predators” back in the early 1990’s when it was discovered.

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