The Battle of Midway – The Other Side’s Story

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  1. Ace Rimmer says:

    Hey Kenny, glad to see you’re site back up!
    Also wanted to say Happy Veteran’s Day. Thank you for your service, Sir!

    • Rich says:

      Lynn, B-26 Marauders were used against the Japanese Fleet at Midway.
      They attempted torpedo attacks.
      Two were shot down.
      Two returned and written off as total loss.

  2. Billy Wilson says:

    The Other Side’s Story…..very good video, their navy was caught with no way out.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’m reading a book right now called ‘One Damned Island After Another’ about the 7th Army Air Force’s roll in the Pacific and the Battle of Midway. It’s a pretty good read.

      • =TW= says:

        “At Dawn We Slept” by Gordon W. Prange: the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
        Mistakes were made- US attention was on Europe rather than the Pacific; the Japanese were underestimated and regarded as “somebody else’s problem.” until Pearl.
        It soon became clear that Japan had designs on the entire Pacific, from Alaska to Australia, the Philippines (where Mac was caught unprepared), China/East Asia, Burma etc.

        Midway was a setback for Japan that came almost too late.

        “The Pacific” by Hugh Ambrose follows the subsequent island hopping campaign.

  3. Griffin says:

    Very neat to see the Japanese view of the battle.

  4. Rattler says:

    This was a great video they have lots to look through if you have the time to look through their YouTube channel.

  5. rondo1342 says:

    Another good Midway video, narrated by a historian from the Naval War College

  6. lynn says:

    Just saw the new movie “Midway”. Not bad. But a few quibbles. They did a terrible job of showing Pearl Harbor. Showed a B-17 landing at Midway, but then used what looked like B-26’s (twin engine, single tail) as the aircraft sent from Midway to bomb the Japanese fleet. Did show the absolute heroism of the US pilots and their enlisted gunners.

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