The price of vanity

If you’re a fan of eyelash extensions or you wear them often, you may want to think about the last time you cleaned them.

Some optometrists say they’re seeing an increase in cases of lash lice, known by its medical term, Demodex.

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  1. nines says:

    This is no joke. EVEN just mascara. Doctor told me the stupid things’ eggs can just blow in the air or get mixed in with the makeup batches.

    I was a young thing, on my first trip to Hawaii. Shortly after takeoff, my eye started itching like mad and shortly after that it became evident SOMETHING WAS MOVING in my eyelashes. I ran to the rest room already occupied by my friend and he let me in.

    I got right up to the mirror and started plucking the horrifying little beasts off my eyelashes, making noises of dismay the while… and my friend was both concerned and laughing at me in there.

    When we finally emerged, everybody looked at us like we’d just joined the mile high club. Mortifying! And I had to spend the first few hours of my vacation at the ER in Lihue getting the eggs removed from my lashes. TOTALLY GROSS.

    I rarely even put on any war paint, but for certain never again after that!

    • jayesouthworth says:

      At the makeup counters, I see women testing out lipstick, mascara, etc on their faces. You don’t know who or what used it the last time and what kind of creepy crawlies are on that stuff. Another thing that irks me are women who try on earrings before purchasing! Good way to get an ear infection, Hep C, on and on. I don’t need to put that shit on my face and ears to attract diseases. WTF!

      One more thing! When trying on shoes, take your own socks/nylons to try shoes on with. You do not know whose feet has been in them before yours. Ever have toe nail fungus? Well that’s how I got it, trying on shoes in the store. Another WTF! 4 doses for 10-days intervals to get rid of it, and that’s even a maybe. So, I have 3 months left – hope it works.

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