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  1. Alemaster says:

    Most things in life don’t bother me too much but it pains me to see what is apparently the look of anguish on that kid’s face over losing his dog. “Nature is red in tooth and claw” and all that but kids and their dogs, that’s different. regards, Alemaster

    • Alemaster says:

      Oh, and that’s not meant as a dig at you Wirecutter. It’s just a comment I made on life in general. regards, Alemaster

      • Wirecutter says:

        No offense taken, I’m nursing a hurt dog right now and I think it bothers me more right now than it does him.
        That asshole dog Jack made a jump up to the porch at full speed, misjudged it by about a foot and slammed his leg into the edge. Nothing’s broken but he’s in a little pain and carrying that leg, so today he’s inside where it’s warm and I can keep an eye on him.
        Funny, but when he knows I’m watching he carries the leg but when he doesn’t see me, he walks on it, although he’s not putting his full weight on it.

        • Alemaster says:

          “Carrying his leg when you watch him.” The perceptiveness of all those little bastards is amazing, isn’t it! In Jack’s case, I’m sure he’ll heal, if not heel, well with Ms Lisa and you nursing him. regards, Alemaster

          • Wirecutter says:

            He’s on a prescription anti-inflammatory called Carpofen and it seems to be doing him some good.
            Jack’s come a long way with both his manners and affection since we got him. Earlier he was laid up behind my easy chair while I was reading and I reached down to scratch his ears. When I stopped momentarily, he nuzzled and licked my hand which is something he’d have never done just 2 months ago.
            Baby steps…

            • Dan Patterson says:

              Very good to hear the good news about That Asshole Dog Jack. I have eight just about like him. Echo the comments about the anguished expression on the kid carrying the dog. Painful.
              Keep up the good work!

        • kimh81 says:

          My old girl is clumsy so I keep a bottle of 81’s around. One buried in a spoonful of peanut butter and she is more comfortable and it does reduce a bit of the swelling…

          • Wirecutter says:

            There’s no swelling, but he’s on a prescription anti-inflammatory/pain killer called Carprofen that seems to help. 50 mg twice a day for the next week.

            • Cederq says:

              Good old peanut butter, my little dog was diagnosed with CHF and I have to give her heart meds twice a day and give it in PB which she greedily gulps down

  2. nonncom says:

    What did Damher sing when he opened the refrigerator?….”My Bologna has a first name….”…

    • gamachinist says:

      Oh god, that’s awful and funny at the same time.

    • Jeremy says:

      Jeff escaped from prison shortly after Clinton took office. he was recaptured in Oklahoma with a case of BBQ sauce. he said he was headed to the Brunch Davidian.

  3. SgtBob says:

    Was a time … My mother would not allow a dog in the house. If one of us kids let a dog in, we would hear, “What’s that damn dog doing in my house?” And my mother never used bad language. Hurt dog? He’ll get over it. Broke leg? A .22 will end the problem. Barb wire cut or bit by another dog? Wash it off. A measure of American wealth is the money we willingly spend on pets, money that 40 years ago we didn’t have and certainly would not spend on a dog or a cat. One of our dogs has addisons, and at one time 10 years ago we were spending $8 a day on fludrocortisone from a name drug store before we found a compounding pharmacy and got the same drug for $2 a day.

    • Butch says:

      I get MY meds from Mexico, at about a tenth of what i would have to pay here in the States. AND I save on a doctor bill to write my prescription because I don’t need one in Mexico. Shit all works the same. Same names, just in Spanish.

      The Druggist who owns the pharmacy I buy from in Mexico speaks better English than I do, just sayin’.

      There’s a vet clinic in the same town, I’m thinking about calling them and asking if they will ship dog vaccs to me.

      Too bad I can’t find a plant nursery who will ship me the old pesticide chlordane and several bags of ammonium nitrate for my pecan trees (10 pounds per acre a couple times a year eats that fertilizer up quick)

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