The shit I post on Facebook Part II

I’ve got more of these damned memes than I thought and I want to dump as much of that folder as I can before I come off FB suspension on Friday.


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10 Responses to The shit I post on Facebook Part II

  1. Trib says:

    Very good. some of the best yet. Fb must hate you.

  2. ZombieDawg says:

    Still waiting for some Killary ones ☺

  3. Scarecrow says:

    Ok, I always snicker at these. For some reason the last one made me cackle. It’s an old joke, I know. And God said, etc.

  4. Daniel K Day says:

    I just posted #12.

  5. Bad_Brad says:

    Hopefully not Lindsey Graham. A traitorous piece of shit. First on the list to Tar and Feather. He’s still Mcshitstains butt boy.

  6. Moscow Hippy says:

    You’re killing me smalls…

  7. Eastwood says:

    Than the TV

  8. pigpen51 says:

    When my kids lived at home, I joked and said we had a belt driven dishwasher. Unfortunately just about the time when my oldest started getting old enough to wash the dishes on her own, at 10, my ex decided she didn’t need me. Actually she said, ” I don’t love you, I think I hate you, and I want a divorce.”
    Almost in the next sentence, she said that if I wanted, we could try and work it out. Um, why bother?
    I played in a band for a few years, while still working in the foundry, where I met my present wife of 27 years, we adopted 2 sisters, and damned if we didn’t buy a house with a built in dishwasher. So I couldn’t make them wash the dishes here either. At least I don’t have to do them.
    And # 2 is a dangerous one, because some of the young kids out there are dumb enough to do it. I mean, they eat fucking Tide Pods, for goodness sake. And when they get older, they wear pink hats to marches that they call pussy hats, all proud like. I never thought of my generation as particularly intelligent, just normal. But compared to the kids and young adults of today, the baby boomers are regular rocket scientists.

  9. SgtBob says:

    #2 you should post on all kinds of millennial and liberal sites, calling on everybody to take out as many of those antenna as possible.

    • WestcoastDeplorable says:

      I know millennials who would believe it. Lovely collection this time, Wirecutter!

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